Metrickzcz (Prelude Squad)

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I love all sorts of cars but mainly JDM. I own a 1988 2.0 Honda Prelude 4WS, Honda CBR 600F (1991) and a 2002 Chrysler Sebring. Your #1 Prelude expert. Honda fanboy. Owner of the Prelude Squad.




3rd December 2016

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I have a fascination for Japanese cars and am the proud owner of a Nissan 200sx s13 and a BMW 328Ci e46 😇


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I share the R8 with my Father. Owner and writer of Shifted. I own a 2002 996 C4 Cab. Sold the MK7 358/500 Golf R to get the Audi

Bence Matuz

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Passionate petrolhead with universal love for cars, and a preference of Euro, especially German. Mercedes CL600 owner. Keen driver and car spotter. Follow for original content! :)

Jan Kunc CZ

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Mateusz Warzocha

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Car enthusiast who's enjoying drawing cars, playing racing games and playing guitar.


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mercedes enthusiast


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I basically live for cars!! Working as a technician in a Volvo dealership. Love going to car shows and race events. Big Le Mans, WRC and World RX fan.

Martin Göthberg

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I'm a Swedish car enthusiast that was born in 1999. I like most cars but european sport/GT cars the most. Owns and drives Volvos.

Clayton Givens

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Erich Mohrmann

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A car enthusiast, i also like history, planes and tanks.


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Hi, I'm Suta! I'm a 20 year old car lover from a little country called Uruguay. I love '80s and '90s cars, sim racing and eurobeat!

Honda Racer

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Hondas are unbeatable. Coming from the Underground. Muscle and Euro can suck it because one can't handle well and other is unreliable.

Turbo Amuse

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Hello there! I'm just a teen living in Finland and I drive a 1992 Honda Civic. I'm in love with 90s and early 2000s import culture. Top 2 dream cars: 1999 Honda Civic Si EM1 and Acura Integra GS-R DC2


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Awesome car content! If you love fast cars, you came to the right place! Insta@2velocemedia. Based in Monterey, CA. My personal vehicle is a 2018 Alfa Romeo 4C.


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Love all breeds of cars but prefer muscle got a Monaro GTS, Hemi Jeep and a Maloo R8 to prove it oh and a stock car (Toyota Prado)

Deamonicus |Scale Modeller|

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Scale model builder, car enthousiast, love riding my bike


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Hi I'm a 14 year old who owns a beautiful red shitbox named Christine. And my girlfriend owns a 1970 VW beetle.

Barkis (Prelude Squad)

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I like Preludes, and also muscle cars. Thats about it

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