Nuke Derowne

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-17 years old -Mitsubishi owner -like to motivate and inspire




10th March 2017

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Love muddin, drifting, rally racing and everything in between

Sam Cool

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I've always loved cars but where I live there isn't a whole lot of car culture. I am 16 and the proud owner of a 2004 monte carlo intimidator, and a Subaru Crosstrek


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Hi I'm 14 and have no car yet but if I were to get one it would be a 2006 Subaru WRX STI with a sick spoiler and exhaust pipe setup. It would be blue and be awesome. Have fun and stay cool fam 😎👍


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abdullah ahmed

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crazy for cars jdm fan love to draw cars design cars only 14 years old dont have license but love to drive cars always wanted to be a big automobile designer.


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Farewell CT. Thanks for everything.

User 7

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An Italian-American car-loving kid who is currently living in Switzerland, what could possibly go wrong? I like anything Italian, little quirky cars, planes and LANCIAS!!!!!! (Note, I like NGE)

Uneducated Professional

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16, Philadelphia PA (USA). Proud Merican, Pro 2A, certified lifeguard and automotive student. I love cars of all kinds (except for EVs, hybrids, soccer mom mobiles, and grandma cars).


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teenage car enthusiast who as the name.suggests loves jdm rides muscle cars and other cars also has a weakness for gorgeous cars and i tend to comment a lot xd


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Deniz(Rip E-Dubble)

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A 24 year old man who addicted to muscle cars supersport bikes and blonde chicks.Daydreaming of getting a 2015 Chevrolet corvette c7 z06 and a 2005 Suzuki gsxr1000 in black colour.

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