Utku Ergüzel

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18 Year Old Mechanic | Your Future Automotive Engineer




21st November 2015

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Haralds Jumitis

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I'm form Minsk

Anna Barbara

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Petrolhead Girl from Sweden. Working in Japan for Used Cars Online Shop. Not fluent in english. Sorry :)

Neil Klassen

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Life goal is to own and modify an evo 8 or 9 🙌👌 working 2 jobs and the money is adding up, soon I should have enough for my car 🙌


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Car enthusiast who happens to love my Kia. It ain't much but I'm working on making it a little more than surprising when it pulls up beside you!

Kent Williams

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race car is life

Emils Strubergs

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No to rice


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20y/o Car enthusiast from sweden. I take photos


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Hi I'm Erwin and I'm from Holland. I own a Seat Leon and a Volkswagen Beetle as you can see in my Garage.

Max Caplan

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I'm that guy who makes lots of MLP related posts, they go as well as you would expect. At least I'm not complaining about high school.

James Chapman

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14 Year old car guy from NZ and Mini enthusiast


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Just another enthusiast with a project car

Lambo dude

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Tries to deliver good content despise lazyness. Has a fantasy with Lamborghinis


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Petrolheart Garage

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FBK 🇫🇮

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Carlos Bon

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I love animals and obviously cars! :D I'm the only petrolhead in my family, I love every type of car but JDM is life. I also quite like bikes.

Mo Stelter

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I own a 1998 Skoda Felicia and a '03 Jincheng JC50Q-5, I want to mod my car but I have no idea what I'm going to do.

Miguel Salas

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"DieselHead" since I was born. Cars, bikes, Honda Lawn Mowers... Everything that go fast Proud owner of a VW polo MK5 TDi Sport


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Yo. I live in America and I love cars. Contrary to what some think, I like more than just American cars.

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