Jaak Valter Lõhmuspuu

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A young adult from Estonia. I drive a 1975 Ford Taunus L.


Tallinn, Estonia


30th November 2015

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Volkswagen Golf Variant

BünnyRöcket Entertainment

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I am a banana. I say that partly because I like taking all my clothes off and hiding in bowls of muesli and partly because like a banana I feel I’m going soft as I get older.

Driven to Drive

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*loud v8 noises

Danger Doyle

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2002 Panasonic Celica Audio Complete Up Next: 2ZZ-GE C60 ECU More power baby


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"A hybrid get's you a lot of miles per gallon, Subaru get's you a lot of smiles per gallon

Boosted Boris

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A Russian carmrade living at the Nürburgring and traveling around checking out car cultures.


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25. YouTuber. I have a passion for what I do in the filmmaking and car world. I currently reside in Richmond,Virginia.


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Ricemaster Pleb. I rice cars in games on de interwebs.

That Racing Channel

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We are racers and film makers. It is our passion to share quality videos and photos with the world.

Car Throttle

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The Internet's Car Community #TeamCT