Karun Chendrimada

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I like cars


16th September 2015

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Shobin Drogan

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I like cars and cheese.


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A guy who likes cars, makes crappy memes and rants a lot.


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Black Coyote "Rogue Driver" Ray 6T

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I'm an Italian petrolhead in love with anything with four wheels and going at a decent speed. Sometimes I produce good memes ("ECOBOOST"), I used to draw pretty well. My second love is music.


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19 y/o, Germany /// BMW E46 is love.

I had fun, thanks.

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Law Student, car nut, currently running a 1996 W140 Mercedes S280 and a 1997 Rover Mini MPI. Other interests incl competitive clay pigeon shooting.

John Newman

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Vocalist, Musician, Songwriter, Producer Island/Universal Recording- B-Unique.


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Muscle Cars, Japanese, Euro and all. The whole damn pie. I love.


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I'm 15 and cant wait to drive one day I will, and i'll love it Just cannot wait

Chris John Sanger

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Polo - built to protect


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Leaving slow people behind me since 2007.


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Overnight pixels from Japan. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Petrol head Anthony

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im a petrol head and a car guy and wanna be car mechanic


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'97 AM General HUMMER, '15 Alfa Romeo 4C

4x4 FTW

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Brazilian, TDI fan, 4x4 fan, jokes fan, turbo fan (badum ts), car lover

Johan Karlsson

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Huge David Bowie fan. More into how cars look and feel than how they work. Proud owner of the only functioning 1989 Peugeot 309 Look in all of Sweden. (that I know of) His name is Ziggy.

Yu Tha Kra

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I do YouTube Stuff

Vehicle Virgins

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Whether you are wondering what its like to drive an exotic, looking for your first car, or are as obsessed with automobiles as we are, Vehicle Virgins is the place to be.

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