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Location: Finland, Age: 17, Favourite car: Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 V-Spec




10th March 2016

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Petrol Weeb

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Just a random Indonesian Weeb.......

TheRossionFan (degenerate gang)

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The site's resident degenerate metalhead World War Two historian. Discord: TheRossionFan#7883


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Just a guy who loves cars ►My YouTube channel: leskyLSK


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Mercedes-Benz is life


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The Finnish Stig

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I like cars and games...that's pretty much it


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Hiatus A Guy who likes Initial D so much that he makes video of them.

Antti Valtonen (meme)(E36)

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As a Finish pessimist who lives through coffee and energy drinks PERKELE (you don't want to know my age)

LukeTheJaguar (JaguarSquad)

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Finnish petrolhead, 2003 Jaguar x-type owner


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The Volvo Guy (Ikea Meatballs)

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Hello CTzen! I love wagons & Volvos, and I've been a proud CTzen since October 2015. I hope to see you around CT! Banner made by: CarMonkey

Teemu Ikonen

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Supra is love, Supra is life

Santeri Ikonen (subiegang)

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Im a young 15 yo car/bike enthusiast. I usually post car spottings,bike stories, memes My dream car is Subaru Impreza WRX Sti 2006

Capri Driver

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Without cars there wouldn't be much meaning to my life, so i embrace cars as the only real meaning of my life. Automotive film photographer

Rallydriver219(ford squad)

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Rallying is life and so are Fords A Young rally driver and Rally Mechanic


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Finnish 17 year old that loves cars. Huge fan of Saabs and JDM cars. Dream car: Saab 9-3 Viggen

Luke's garage

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I'm 20 years old dude who has always liked cars. I have a ton of projects. I live in southern Finland. I also do car spotting.

TheNordBorn (volvo squad)

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Favorite cars: volvo 240, any other Volvo


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I have a forester addiction

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