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25th June 2016

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T for Tuner

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cars are life πŸ˜„ instagram T for Tuner

Freddy Gonzales

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Japanese Car Guy

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(I'm not japanese). So, I'm a car enthusiast since I'm a kid. I LOVE JDM but Muscle and EDM too. My dream cars : All GT-R Gen's, Evo IX, S2K, Supra MK4, 240SX. Affordable cars: EK9 and WRX.


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Zan Sanders

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I wish I could afford an STI

Rotating RotorZ (MIATASQUAD)

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mad rotary fan. Also love pretty much all Japanese cars, but mazda the most! own (and saving) a 96' 323 astina 1.8 manualπŸ”°

Mini Madness (Group B squad)(Furrysquad)

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Priorities: fun, acceleration, grip, top speed, fun


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Mazda MX5 and Golf mk4 owner, working at a Renault and Dacia dealer


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Welcome to the official Car Throttle page of the FIA World Rally Championship!


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RC's are like real cars in many ways, it's a temporary substitute for people who don't have money/responsibility/too young for a project car. I've had an obsession with cars since I was very young.


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Jap cars Ford cars

Rizwan Khalid

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MX-5 and 240sx is my life # low life


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Obsessed with the obscure.

Migix (kouki <3)

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o o f


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🏎 - Alfa Romeo GTV V6 24v πŸš— - Ford Fiesta mk5 sport 🏍 - KTM RC390 Cuore Sportivo

hotch370z (Z Guy)

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370z owner who enjoys car spotting and going to car shows. Previous cars: 2005 RSX, 2002 Audi A4 1.8T Check out some of my pics on instagram: @hotch370z

Tonyzeaudisd (E60 Lover)

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A 13yo E60 and K'egg lover


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// S T Y L O \\

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fake and gay

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