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This is my third CT account, after my old one got lost. My name is Chris. I make YouTube videos and sometimes write automotive content. I am a 8th grade 12 year old who loves cars.




29th March 2016

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Madeline B

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Hi, I'm Madeline! I'm 17 years old and I own a '94 jeep grand cherokee (limited)!


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I collect a few fast things.

///M Power

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swaaglaag (Meme Maker) (Camaro squad)

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I am a young petrolhead /meme maker that loves camaros and rx7s, if you like my content the feel free to follow!

Simon Hellestyle

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I love JDM and Euro cars ❤

Braimah Sumaila

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I love to know everything about cars and heavy equipment

Danny N Gonzalez

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Amin Nassif (Golf Squad) (Demon Squad)

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was born a car person, and will die a car person. Favorite cars are the golfs

Farhad Sharif

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Carson Chentnik

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I lik carz :)

Eise Meyners

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fan of Golf's and Impreza's ..

John C. N/A

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Restoring a Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9 . Classics and SAAB, BMW, Peugeot fan in particular.

Classy Cars

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Love everything related to cars, motorsport and bikes. If it has an engine and wheels, i will probably like it!

Niko Oxman

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18. From Finland. And as for my dream car... well let's just i could give you a list of all the nominees

Joao Hipolito

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I'm just a guy that has spended a big part of his life at the track (I work there) metalhead mechanic Love JDM, classics.... well any car goes without cars my life would be worthless

Andre Tavares

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I love cars and I'm going to work at a international car dealership in Greenwich CT

merc dude

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one. love. merc.

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