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I drive a 2017 Focus RS. But I also have quite a few other toys 😏


Port Orchard, WA


15th February 2016

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Henry Bredin

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Henry 15 nz 91 Subaru omega Hyosung gt250r race bike

Car Planet

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Your World For Everything Automotive


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love bikes and cars❀

Christian Bastian

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Car enthusiast

Rebellious Goose

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I don't even know anymore...

Keisuke Takahashi (MD squad) (name changer xddddd)

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project d>red suns>impact blue>night kids>speedstars


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Car Guy from South Africa. Too young for a license. Likes the R35 and the C6/C7

Mindaugas Ganatauskas

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Owner of Rattle Snakes clan on Drift Horizon and Drift Street Japan


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I like old rwd shitboxes and going sideways.


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DonΒ΄t have a car. DonΒ΄t have money for a car. DonΒ΄t have a driving licence. Still have dreams, dignity and a love for memes. My friends donΒ΄t like cars. RALLY IS LOVE, RALLY IS LIFE!


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Hi I’m Juan and I’m from California, and I like cars and shoes (sadboi squad)

Bboy catZ(NSX FANBOY) (slav superstar) (kolbaser squad)

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Project Catz(Greek) I love civics and starlets! and subies and evos and nsxs and Alfa's and stance mostly every car dream cars are honda nsx type R and caterham super 7


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Hi there, my name is Kay, 14 year old dutchie with a huge passion for almost every type of car :)


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2004 grand marquis

Austin Register

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Plan. Draw. Build. Drift. Repeat.


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Based in West Lothian, Scotland. Big fan of European and Japanese cars. πŸ”°


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Waseem Williams

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I'm into just about everything, except the 90s Honda civics but. however I do respect cars and how much the owners have put into them. I love to draw things, especially cars. Favorite brand: Mazda

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