Jan Kočar

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E46 aka the stinky one




8th December 2015

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Pipi Ferry

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Škoda enthusiast. Also like communist cars, Land Rover (Defender) and Subaru. I currently own Škoda Octavia, dream car: Škoda 120.

TheCarGuy (Yugo Man) (Trump Supporter) (Beetle Squad)

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CT's biggest Yugo enthusiast Retro VW guy who also likes scrapyards and abandoned vehicles. 😀

Domagoj Lipušić

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Car guy building a yugo

Nik it is

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Not to sound cliché, but basically working hard now to play hard later.. 21 y/o, driving for about three years now, have my own little Mitsubishi Colt Insport to hoon around:) buying a new car soon!


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I'm an auto techician at an local car dealer. I currently own 3 cars, but drive only 1 as the other two are in the proces of restaurtion.

Grega Horvat

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I have a soft spot for old car's and it doesn't matter what type of car it is.


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Hi,i'm driving "the worst car in the history" Jeremy himself destroyed it with a tank


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Keeping prettied-up cars covered and garaged at all times isn't for us. Our mission at AMMO is to celebrate driving while retaining our cars' original beauty and style.

Colin Furze

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It's furze from youtube, cars I own are 1990 E30 325i sport 2015 F30 335 and the top of the tree is my 1988 mk2 Hilux.

Peter Jeakins (SLAP)

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YouTuber - 825k+ Subs xbox live The SLAP Train . Subscribe for anything to do with Drifting/Racing/Montages/LetsPlays over 2500+ videos


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The Official Car Throttle profile for Abarth UK

Car Throttle

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The Internet's Car Community #TeamCT


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YouTube's Largest Collection of Automotive Variety!


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The CT page for the Japanese car culture website, Noriyaro.com

Haggard Garage

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The home of hack ass engineering and endless shenanigans.


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The Official Speedhunters Car Throttle Feed. Global Car Culture.


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Curators of Original Automotive Passion and Inspiration.

The Smoking Tire

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The Smoking Tire, hosted by Matt Farah, is the premier destination for automotive video reviews and adventures. No Hollywood, no bosses, no bullshit. From our brains to your eyes and ears.