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30th April 2017

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Jeremy Tchouf Merires

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Car Drift / Motorcycle Drift / Stunt Riding

De l'essence dans mes veines

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French writer & editor of


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Y u do dis

The Stig

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The Stig's Australian cousin

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Just A 15 year old Aussie, loving both the classics and today's automobiles


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I'm 24 with a passion for everything on wheels. I am a truck driver and love spending my time on the roads. I wanna learn everything about cars and I love doing DIY stuff on my car.

Adrien Duval

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19 year old French living in Germany. French and German cars fan, Peugeot, BMW and Porsche in particular. Also like other types of cars and motorcycles.


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The Official Speedhunters Car Throttle Feed. Global Car Culture.

Prius Hater

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My garage is NFS most wanted because im only 15 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Κ™α΄‡α΄€α΄’α΄›ΚβœŒοΈ(JDM ftw)(wannabe Akio/Takumi)

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Young car nut who mainly loves JDM but loves some Euro too. I will follow back ;)


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Motor Vehicle Maintenance student | The web link is my Discord server


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β€’ CarThrottle's unofficial F1 Insider β€’ Your resident McLaren and Carlos Sainz fanboyβ€’ 18 y/o ex-Mechanical Engineer β€’ β€’ yeet β€’

Car Throttle

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The Internet's Car Community #TeamCT

Car Throttle Extra

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Car Throttle's 2nd YouTube Channel. Subscribe for more reviews, behind-the-scenes, vlogs, outtakes and much more!