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Renault and japanese car enthusiast . Currently owning Renault Clio 3rd phase .




30th June 2015

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Cory McGowan

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Hi, I'm Cory, a 25 year old petrol head who is an ex lorry driver, and now builds custom PC systems. CT Moderator. I drive a megane RS, a mitsubishi L200 and ride a yamaha XJ6


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I love wagons.And sleepers.After the warranty expires on my megane i will probably put a better engine in it. My dream car is the Alpine A110.


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Big renault car fan,proudly owner of a renault clio 2 gen sport 2.0


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When I was 10 my dad took me for a ride in the front passenger seat of his Renault Super 5 GT Turbo. Since then I am a petrolhead.


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Just got my drivers licence

William Coles

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Car mad guy, love Renaultsport. Own a Clio RS 197. From the UK!