Eythan Aldrich

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Car Enthusiast,JDM Enthusiast, GTR Lover, Anime Lover, Gamer, and of course....I like Listening Music that fits my bill......(Especially Phil Collins) Also I'm also a Diecast Photographer as of now.


Quezon City, Philippines


25th July 2014

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3Fiddy (JDM Squad) (SAAB Squad) (S-Chassis squad)

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Likes all cars (except EVs, AND THE PRIUS), Honda, Subaru, S-Chassis and Saab fanboy. Japanese cars are my favorite along side a selection of BMWs, Porsches and Ford.

Lewis Chalmers

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Favourite Car: BMW E30 M3 Job: Technician Massive BMW fan and German car lover!

Petrolhead159(LFASQUAD)(Upvote Warhead)(Group F50)

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I like cars, cars, cars and cars. My five favourites are the Lexus LFA, The Lamborghini Diablo SV, The Lamborghini Aventador ,The McLaren P1 and the Zonda R. Proud leader of the LFASQUAD


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I like being alone, because it's what I prefer. Currently writing a story "The Maroon Rocket" I have no waifus (Don't even tell me to post something, I'm not coming back here ever again)


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M E G A Weeb, & car girl.


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Hello boy! you wanna see more nudes? Check my videos for link! http://bit.ly/2vPUfO3


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Don't got a car yet, but planing to get a MX5 NA or NB and then a RX8, love both. I'm a JDM Freak and also like USDM. Especially i like Mazda.

M a c r o s s u

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Its me, Macthememe

Ren II(Squad Fam)

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Founder of CT's Squad Fam. My favorite anime is Boku No Pico and my favorite game is Minecraft. Part time Communist ☭, Part time National Socialist卍. Top kek sh!tposter


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I love cars and animals I will post about new car info or cars I see in my everyday life maybe some cars in games I want a Mazda MX-5 or a Lexus RC F. I won't switch names

Jonas Bringslimark

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28 year old viking from the north of Norway. I just post pictures of cars that I like, and none of them are mine unless stated otherwise. I especially love JZX100 Toyota’s for some reason.

PringleTingle (SuperCarGuy) (Four Armed Squad)

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Real name: Nataril Person

[user has logged out of existence]

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theres now content here leave.

Jan Kristoper Cuevas

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🇵🇷 Bryson Williams (Bryson2jz) [AOT] (THE REAL SPEEDY BLACK MAN)

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I Like/appreciate Cars from All Regions but prefer JDM, I Like Dark Rainy Days, Eurobeat is Life, Top favorite cars: Sileightys, Supra MK4, Rx7 FD, HR32, Evo 3, 7-9, 2004 Integra R DC5, NSX NA1


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Er hey guess wot ......... RS6

Zack Boyd

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hey guys ive been a car guy since i was a kid i collected hot wheels cars since around 4yrs old i love transportation 27yrs old birth day november 29 follow if interested.


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Love cars (especially minivan and full-size sedan). That's all you need to know.

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