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Belgium 'Home of Spa Francorchamps'


6th May 2014

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Lohen 🇬🇧

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New MINI Specialist based in the heart of England. Lohen specialises in tuning and upgrades, repair and maintenance and servicing of New MINIs. We also have a 4WD Rolling Road available for hire.


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Currently a college student studying Mechanical Engineering with an Aeronautical minor, hoping to pursue a career in the automotive industry.

Денис Ф.

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Aspiring rally driver, racing enthusiast, and guy who enjoys crashing. I also am former CarThrottle moderator. Really enjoy beautiful women, television show Archer and paintball.

Oliver March

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Mahoosive petrolhead. Owner of an Abarth 595 Trofeo Edition (1 of only 250 in the UK). Son of owner of a Maserati Granturismo. Avid Goodwood goer and member of their Road Racing Club.

🚘💨 Gone Sideways 🚘💨

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Keeping the RC drift culture alive in Gauteng (South-Africa) and kids off the streets since 2014. BUILD - DRIFT - BASH - REPEAT

Thomas Verhoeven

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CSL Motorsport

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Racecars, classics, quads, karts and other motorized stuff. That's what it's all about at CSL Motorsport.

Arnaud Gilis

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Y u do dis


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Have an attraction to cars that my bank balance doesn't agree with. One day I will have my 67' Mustang.


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Integra DC2 Type R - 106 rallye 16v

Alex Kersten

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Phil Collins is a car guy


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Denizen of Nürburg. Driver, Racer, Coach. Journalist retrained as Blogger. Automotive consultant and proud holder of an FIA International race car thingy. Business is personal!

Evi Colson

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COO at Car Throttle. Creator of "Car memes" FB. S2K, MX5 and E46 fanboy.

Boosted Boris

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A Russian carmrade living at the Nürburgring and traveling around checking out car cultures.