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I dunno lol


David City, Nebraska


29th October 2014

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S13 lover and all things Nissan, but I am very open to all cars, and an avid enthusiast


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"Explore the World of Cars..." Subscribe to our R.I.D. exclusive members group FREE (5000 members and counting)

Tomislav Celić

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GameDev from Croatia. Celer Games leader. EVs and Hybrids are my love. Making #CTthegame. Proud member of (Hatchback Mafia) and (CT Border Patrol).

Matt007 (Jag4life)

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I like Jaaaaaaaags

KPS Lucky - Inactive

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NASCAR addict and car enthusiast. Find me on Twitter.

Dutchies Go London

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This event is all about having fun together, so be as crazy as you can but drive safe! We will take the supercar convoy on a trip through London. Rev loud and proud, let’s wake up this city!


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RIP 2015 WRX (2014-2016) 2012 Kawasaki z1000 zx10R 2018 Subaru WRX STI

Avery Spencer ( internet car spotter)

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Hi y'all my name is Avery I am a gear head dream car is a 1983 Subaru brat

Dario Indaco {AKA}Thepowamachine|Sketchbrothers|

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Yo! i am dario. im from holland, i am a youtuber you can find me with this name: sketchbrothers, i am a diehard carguy

Charles (That Canadian Guy)

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My name is Charles and that's all you need to know.

Yannick Smits (RS3 N8shyon)

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I am an 15 year old dutch car guy and i am very interested in guns aswell as in cars. hobby's are: freerunning, racing, gaming, paintball and workouts. proud owner of a speedfight 3 lc :)


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The F12 of Maranello

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See me on Reddit.

Frozen Yogurt

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Favourite brand: Nissan ///M PERFORMANCE is life


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Aspiring Automotive Journalist. Member since '16

Cruising Down The Street In My Eight Six (Squadron HachiRoku)

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This guy likes long walks on the beach, The 86, Old School VW Beetle, Miata and the Altezza. Enjoys a good stance when its clean and practical.

Neutronix (Tortilla Squad)

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15. follow my instagram meme page @deadass.crouton

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