Michael Fernie

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Scottish student car blogger, link is below!


Edinburgh, Scotland


30th April 2015

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Just a young enthusiast with bug dreans and a small budget!


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Hi, my name is Marcus. Last year, I started my own company Automotive Interior Exclusives, custom-building bespoke interior accessories by using parts from crashed sports- super- and hypercars.


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Navid Abbasi

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Karting Driver , Mechanic, car lover, liked cars: evo3 , e190 2.3 , Camaro 1971 , civic eg9 , Nissan patrol 1974

Furious Lights

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Furious lights offer you the best lighting and LED tools for your vehicle. We have automotive mechanic professional to deliver a better, trustable as well as affordable service.

Kaan.H (MR2maniac)

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I like pretty much anything Japanese and most things with four wheels.

Vitaliy Zvarych

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Gtr fanboy


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I like Jdm and any big-ass trucks. Toyota Fan..I post things like #RealRacing3Photography and maybe something else. Cornflake addict.Carbon is my fav game, Tf2 second.

Giovanni Di Blasi

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Hi I’m a 16 year old car freak from Belgium. I like Lotuses most. I play Assetto Corsa and Dirt 4 on my PS4. Please tag me in Lotus posts. Freedom is next to the brake.

Bhavya Shah

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A car guy. Owner of MARUTI SUZUKI SWIFT. Fan of weekend who is also a true car guy. A true petrolhead respects every car and everyone's opinion.

Chirayu Urs

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James Ullman

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Catherine Engel

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Car fanatic, need for speed, loving mother and wife!

enter nick name

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Sania Baker

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German Perfectionist

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Literally that stereotypical German Perfectionist. (Formerly known as The Stig's German Cousin).

Harrison Joyce

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Writing these never gets easier

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