adam Thatcher

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blue balls

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i am back and worse than ever

I'd rather be on my Grom

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Might post but won’t look at peoples posts


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I don't play golf, I drive a Golf! Hobby craftsman, professional medical worker.

America. Duck Yeah

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1967 Volkswagen Bug

Reliant Robin

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Corollas are pieces of shit that make nobody wet, anyone who likes them is a fuсkass.

TheCarGuy (Again)

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Knows how to reset IP address. Proud CTzen since July 2016.

Mark Mason

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Wagons are the best. YT: MarkMason Susee PEACE!

TheCarGuy (Yugo Man) (Trump Supporter) (Beetle Squad)

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CT's biggest Yugo enthusiast Retro VW guy who also likes scrapyards and abandoned vehicles. 😀

Carbonlover 723

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Black Phillip

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Canadian. Baa Baa Baaaaaa

that yukon guy ( Courier6ofnv )

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Cylinder deficiency is a serious disease where ones car has fewer than 8 cylinders. Get vaccinated, get a v8. This message brought to you by the no replacement for displacement fund.

Red Morphsuit Moped Guy

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I'm 15 and live in Sweden.


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Rip CT. Great while it was still supported.


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Duracell is my favorite battery.


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[Waiting for account to be deleted]

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Waiting for account to get deleted. Sorry double standards.


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Stubaru (Forester Daddy)

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Somehow I ended up with 3 Foresters. Not mad though!

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