James Smith

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Mk3.5 Focus ST. Love cars new and old. Photographer.


Hertfordshire , UK


9th October 2017

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Tomás Otero

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Car guy since 1998, I live in Argentina and I love cars more than nothing in this world. Euro, JDM, American Muscle, I love them all.

Mitchell Martin

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I own a 1972 Chevy Nova with a 2003 LS1 under the hood, a 2017 Focus ST(3),a 2014 Chevy Cruze, and a 2003 YZF R6

Maxi Mini's

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I like JDM and EURO cars!

Keiyu Mamiya

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15 year old car guy from LA. Now lives in Seattle

A Audi TT 1.8t Quattro

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California, I have a love for German Sport Cars and more. . In a year and a half I will purchase a Mk1 Audi TT 1.8t Quattro

Joni Willberg

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Ride Or Die


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Thank God for fast cars

James Le

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🇦🇺 Honda Civic Rs

Sidhant Lalsingh

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I would spend 1000$ on my car but 5$ for myself is to expensive . South America, Suriname 🏁 iG: s.lalsingh_


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A 17 year old petrolhead on a budget. Love cheap old fun, especially RWD cars. My dream car is a very humble E36 328i coupe. No car but I use my parents' cars regularly.


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MK5 Golf GTI lover


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i dont just love engines , its a passion.

River Atkinson

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Mattia Lampasona

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An italian car guy who dreams to become an automotive engineer

Seb k

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Dani W

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Tommy H.

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Sharing the love of cars and bikes to all walks of life.

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