Jarno Heikkinen

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A young Finnish guy who has been interested in cars and motorcycles since birth.


Lappeenranta, Finland


8th September 2014

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I'm just your average overall petrolhead who's into cars and motorbikes. I've owned 5 cars so far and two motorbikes.


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Leevi Määttänen

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On my YouTube channel and website I try and help people with their automotive issues with detailed instructional videos. Sometimes people are actually entertained by this.

Edd China

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Wheeler Dealers' mechanical genius Edd China is the quintessential British eccentric; TV presenter, inventor, engineering product designer and mechanic.


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I like old rwd shitboxes and going sideways.


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Hobby photog, rallye fan and 3d modeller.


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20 year old guy from Finland who owns a few different cars. Feel free to follow me, I try to post something as frequently as possible.


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Graphic designer. 19 years old and yes.. i'm a car guy :) Daily cars: 2016 Seat Leon Cupra 280 2003 Honda Civic Type-R ep3

Anton Löfberg

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1995 Nissan Micra LX | 1990 Volvo 740 GLT

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