Kaustubh Rakshe

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inactive .

simply sausages

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"Speak softly and carry a big stick;you will go far". -A badass teddy bear


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Robz Mk7

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21 || Minnesota || MK7 GTI


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Car Photgrapher DieCast Collector Car Enthusiast Mustang Driver


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this site has been yeeted

Mr. Cobra

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Alif Mohammad Magdy

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A Ferrari guy and R/C car collector.


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🔰Send it.🔰


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I hate insurance company’s

Sweaty S2K Man

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I'm a car geek but don't have a car. I love JDM and drifting, Lego cars, Hot Wheels, drawing, and anime. Also huge Initial D weeb. Also my Xbox gamertag is THEJDMMAN99

Hartley Hogan

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Noah Stuart

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big turbo srt 4-daily 97'ram 1500 408 stroker-project 95' cammed mustang- population control Owner of Octane Mafia™

JDMaster (Supra Squad)

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🔰🔰I just love JDM cars, expecially the supra and the r34 gt-r. I'm a hotwheels collector. #JDMaster🔰🔰

Dominic Vos {swift squad}

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20 year old logistics worker with a love for old and youngtimers. Metalhead 24/7. Not normal at all. Cars: 1996 suzuki swift 1.3 gx sedan.(daily) Peugeot 106 1.1 accent (project)

Fabian Stürmer

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My Car: VW Passat 3C B6 1,6liter FSI My Age: 17 Hobbys: Driving my Car, watching TV........


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John Clancy

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