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I'm Boosted, an aspiring YouTuber with an abnormal love for everything with four wheels!


London, United Kingdom


10th April 2015

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195mph Ltd

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Welcome to 195mph Ltd – A great website dedicated to the best motorsport merchandise in the world.


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Resident CT Instagram supercar spotter.

Car Throttle Extra

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Car Throttle's 2nd YouTube Channel. Subscribe for more reviews, behind-the-scenes, vlogs, outtakes and much more!


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The Official Car Throttle profile for Abarth UK

Peter Jeakins (SLAP)

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YouTuber - 825k+ Subs xbox live The SLAP Train . Subscribe for anything to do with Drifting/Racing/Montages/LetsPlays over 2500+ videos

Nando Dyck

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15 year old car lover and EDM Producer


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For the love of cars

Fast Car

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The official Fast Car CT profile. Defining car culture since 1987.


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Speed Matters

Jake Orr

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I'm a big fan of muscle, Japanese, and motorcycles, and I'll turn wrenches on whatever I can get my hands on! Straight outta MURICA.

The Smoking Tire

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The Smoking Tire, hosted by Matt Farah, is the premier destination for automotive video reviews and adventures. No Hollywood, no bosses, no bullshit. From our brains to your eyes and ears.


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Videos for serious car enthusiasts. We have a passion for covering car culture, drifting, import street tuners and racing. Our videos can be found onthe web, tv, mobile, or connected devices.


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Hot supercars in action! Screaming engine sounds and exotic test drives.

Seen Through Glass

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I'm Sam - Jaguar F-Type R owner, car lover and YouTuber. Check out my YouTube channel for videos in my F-Type, as well as vlogs, car events and convoys!

Daniel Saerang

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Occasional YouTuber. Caranizer. Also loves Tori Kelly. Enjoys good music. I dunno...a dweeb?

GTA Wise Guy

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YouTuber with 100k+ subs, just another enthusiast delving into the virtual world of cars, racing and entertainment!

Jack Leslie

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Motorsport obsessed 🏎🚘 Media guy 📱💻⌨🖱

Sung Kang

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The Thrill of Driving.

Mr Regular

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Reviews of regular cars for mortals.

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