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Just a young enthusiast with bug dreans and a small budget!


Hamilton, New Zealand


19th July 2017

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( ° ʖ °) Hello humans i dont post much but im still alive and watching over everyone...


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I'm 16 and a big fan of Nissan and mostly JDM cars. Well I love all cars except for the aventador. My dream car is a gtr34


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Did you come here for a description? A sly outdoor smoke? A kiss? Get out of here, man! There ain’t shit here...

FTB ForgetTheBrakes

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P.E.T.C. People For Ethical Treatment Of Cars


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Motor Vehicle Maintenance student | The web link is my Discord server

A Audi TT 1.8t Quattro

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California, I have a love for German Sport Cars and more. . In a year and a half I will purchase a Mk1 Audi TT 1.8t Quattro


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I've abandoned Carthrottle for new frontiers


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Instagram s14_k.o.u.k.i


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Hello there my fellow car-guys! I am you local Lambo lover and encyclopedia,so make sure you tag me on Lambo and supercar posts! I am the bearer of Rate The Rim,and Judge The Jazzmaker.


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ColumnM is an online specialised motoring news platform that creates and curates the most unique content on classic cars, supercars, custom motorcycles, automotive photography and automotive gear.

David Sarlo

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Proudly Australian 🇦🇺

Sinjin Smythe

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Clutch kicker.Tea Drinker.Dog owner.Bud smoker. It's like RC says: "Touch clutch and be Up."

Samuel Ray

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the r34 is trash


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Live for drifting and rotarys

Ruben Pereira

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Just a guy that enjoys cars and mechanic / 17 y / Instagram: _pereira_rp_ / Alfa Romeo 33 1.5 ie


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I dead now, my Discord is doritodriftospinnyboi#7953

Petrol Weeb

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Just a random Indonesian Weeb.......

Paper Garage by A. Pierzchała

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Andrew Pierzchala Artist, petrolhead, great car enthusiast DRAWINGS FOR ORDER ($) - email for details


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Like cars and specifacly modded ill follow if you upvote or follow or comment pls dont leave hate comments or make fun of memes or posts this is something to create and grow new enthusiasts

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