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I have a fascination for Japanese cars and am the proud owner of a Nissan 200sx s13 and a BMW 328Ci e46 😇




10th May 2015

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Im a kid that’s really into cars. Im interested in Japanese cars mainly.


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JDM is better then anything.

Vlady VD

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21 Y/O dude from Germany.

Thomas Jackson

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I love BMWs and cars that you don’t see every day. I have a 2002 BMW 325i and a 1988 Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeó


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16yo with a pos BMW 318Ci and a '93 Renault Clio 16s

The Infamous Black Beard

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Cars, girls, explosions and BACON LOTS OF BACON SHAKE AND BAKE


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Ride or die!


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Private pilot living in Melbourne. - 1993 Toyota Supra - 1997 Toyota Supra - 2014 Mercedes E200 Cabriolet

Maximum G

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MG is the name of the game

The Baker

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"Only at the point of maximum danger, do you have zero fear." - Will Smith

B is for Build

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B is for Build is a wonderful youtube channel. We work on cars and create cool things, check it out!


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Wika 🙃 From Polska 🇵🇱 Owner of 2L Fto 97"💋Lover of Skyline Gtr R34 🤙🏽😍😍 Snapchat-wika2299/instagram-Wiktoria_Wieczorek🍭Living in Ireland 🇮🇪follow for follow?🍻


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☆S-chassis lover that wants to bring back the 90s style!☆ ☆be alive!☆

Qian Li

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I have a rare disease called Type 2 MRitis, enough said...


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Aspiring rally driver, racing enthusiast, and guy who enjoys crashing. I also am former CarThrottle moderator. Really enjoy beautiful women, television show Archer and paintball.


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The Nissan brand aspires to provide customers with innovative ideas for the joy of everyday driving.


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The world's most unfashionable car blog, with an unhealthy obsession with the 80s and 90s. Think of PetrolBlog as Car Throttle's embarrassing uncle.


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News, Reviews, and Automotive Chatter.

Kaila Norris

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