A Manual A90 Toyota Supra Has Arrived (From A Tuning Company)

Texan tuner EAG is offering a manual conversion for the new GR Supra, which will set you back $12,000

US Tuner Tears Down The Supra's B58 Engine To Kick Off 1000bhp Project

This hugely insightful video from PapadakisRacing shows what's going on inside the Toyota Supra's BMW B58 engine

Your Questions About RaceChip Tuning Answered

When we fitted a RaceChip to our 330d track project, we were inundated with questions. After heading to the company HQ in Germany, we've answered the biggest ones!

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Manhart has spilt the beans on its MH8 600, which takes the M850i and ramps up the rage significantly

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German tuner Novitec has revealed a raft of visual upgrades for Tesla's entry-level car

The A90 Toyota Supra Has Already Been Tuned Beyond 420bhp

UK tuner Litchfield has turned the wick up on the GR Supra's BMW-sourced straight-six, with impressive results

This Aftermarket Exhaust For The A90 Toyota Supra Is A Huge Improvement

The noise made by the A90 Supra's BMW-sourced straight-six proved to be a little disappointing, but Milltek's exhaust system for the car makes a huge difference

The Silverado-Based Hennessey Goliath 6x6 Looks Terrifying And Awesome

Hennessey has revealed the first production Goliath 6x6, and it's a rather intimidating beast

HKS Has Built A 2JZ-Powered A90 Toyota Supra Drift Car With 700bhp

HKS is the latest company to build a 2ZJ-powered version of the new A90 Toyota GR Supra, and it'll be drifting its way up Goodwood hill next week

New ND Mazda MX-5 Tuning Pack Gives 221bhp At 7800rpm, No Turbo In Sight

BBR GTI's new Super 220 package or the recently updated ND MX-5 lifts the power to 221bhp without using forced induction

This Tuning Company Has Made An E30 M3/E46 M3 CSL-Inspired M240i

The Mulgari BMW Icon03 is an overhauled M240i with E30 M3 and E46 M3 CSL-inspired touches

Hennessey Has Stuffed A 1000bhp Hellcat Engine In The Jeep Gladiator

The Hennessey Maximus is a Jeep Gladiator with its 3.6-litre V6 replaced with a tuned 6.2-litre supercharged V8

This Stunning Balboni Aventador SVJ Exhaust Weighs Just 4.6kg

VB - a firm started by ex-Lamborghini test driver Valentino Balboni - has just revealed a new exhaust system for the Aventador SVJ

BMW 2002-Based Road-Legal Racer With 800bhp V10 Planned

Newly established Gruppe5 Motorsport wants to create "one of the world's fastest street-legal GT class cars"