New ND Mazda MX-5 Tuning Pack Gives 221bhp At 7800rpm, No Turbo In Sight

BBR GTI's new Super 220 package or the recently updated ND MX-5 lifts the power to 221bhp without using forced induction

This Tuning Company Has Made An E30 M3/E46 M3 CSL-Inspired M240i

The Mulgari BMW Icon03 is an overhauled M240i with E30 M3 and E46 M3 CSL-inspired touches

Hennessey Has Stuffed A 1000bhp Hellcat Engine In The Jeep Gladiator

The Hennessey Maximus is a Jeep Gladiator with its 3.6-litre V6 replaced with a tuned 6.2-litre supercharged V8

This Stunning Balboni Aventador SVJ Exhaust Weighs Just 4.6kg

VB - a firm started by ex-Lamborghini test driver Valentino Balboni - has just revealed a new exhaust system for the Aventador SVJ

BMW 2002-Based Road-Legal Racer With 800bhp V10 Planned

Newly established Gruppe5 Motorsport wants to create "one of the world's fastest street-legal GT class cars"

The Hennessey Ranger VelociRaptor Is Quicker Than A Stock F-150 Raptor

Hennessey has built its own version of the Ford Ranger Raptor, and it's rather quick...

Get A Load Of The Wings On This Nissan GT-R Hill Climb Monster

This South African GT-R hill climber puts out 1600whp and has the most extreme aero kit we've ever seen

Watch An A90 Toyota Supra Get Transformed Into A 2JZ Drift Machine

This new video gives an overview of how Daigo Saito's A90 GR Supra drift monster was built

German Tuner Pumps Aston Martin Vantage Up To 671bhp

Wheelsandmore will happily give your Vantage a DBS-troubling power-to-weight ratio via new turbos and an ECU tweak

You Can Cut Your Ford Fiesta ST's 0-60 By Half A Second With An App

Mountune's new tuning package for the Fiesta ST adds 25bhp via an induction kit and a clever phone app

Someone's Already Working On A 2JZ-Powered A90 Toyota Supra

D1 GP Drift legend Daigo Saito will be competing in an A90 Supra this year, complete with a 2JZ-GTE engine

A Pandem Widebody A90 Toyota Supra Bodykit Is On The Way

A Pandem-branded widebody kit is being worked on for the new Toyota Supra, and it's suitably unsubtle

Hennessey Will Crank Your McLaren 600LT Up To 1001bhp

Texan firm Hennessey has revealed a range of tuning packages for McLaren's track weapon

Manhart's 800bhp Lamborghini Urus Is The Exact Opposite Of Subtle

German tuner Manhart has increased the power of the Urus while decreasing its already low levels of subtlety

Hennessey Won't Put A V8 In The Ford GT, Because It's Not Possible

John Hennessey has ruled out a V8 swap for the GT because there simply isn't space in the V6-powered supercar