Here's A Demonstration Of Why Your Old Sports Car Needs A Suspension Upgrade

The 18-year-old suspension components on this 996 Porsche 911 were holding it back, so it's unsurprising to see just how much difference new coilovers, bushes and anti-roll bars made

Watch A 500bhp Civic Blow A Cylinder Sleeve On The Dyno

A modified Honda Civic is seen dramatically cracking a cylinder sleeve and spitting out coolant during this disastrous dyno run

Watch The World's Craziest Bunch Of Cars Take On Sweden's Treacherous Roads

In the first part of Team Galag's epic Snow Tour series, we get an introduction to the diverse group of cars and the crazy people behind the wheel!

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That Dude In Blue takes a closer look at a mad autocross car that's powered by the flat-six from a Subaru SVX

Someone's Built A Stupidly Fast Electric Lotus Evora

The electric Evora we first saw a few months ago is now driveable, and it's very, very fast...

This 2700whp Nissan GT-R Dyno Run Footage Is Downright Terrifying

As this Extreme Turbo Systems GT-R hits 2700whp on the dyno, it makes the camera violently shake and - presumably - poo to come out of whoever was in the room

Modified Camaro Blows Side Airbags At 140mph After Having Stupidly Loud Exhaust Fitted

After fitting a new exhaust system with a diverter on his fifth-gen Camaro ZL1, YouTuber GuitarmageddonZL1 had his curtain airbags spontaneously deploy at 140mph

Watch Hennessey's Camaro Exorcist Hit 959WHP On The Dyno

Hennessey has released footage of its Dodge Demon-slaying Chevrolet Camaro 'Exorcist' hitting the dyno

Someone's Made A Porsche Cayman 'GTR', And It's Stunning

With an enlarged 911 engine, GT3 RS bits and a custom widebody conversion, this might just be the best 987 Cayman we've ever seen

This 9sec Hellcat Is Like The Charger SRT Demon Dodge Never Made

It's doubtful Dodge will make an SRT Demon version of the Charger, but don't worry, as we have a 9sec Charger Hellcat right here that nicely fills the void...

A Ford Dealer Will Sell You A 542bhp Mustang Ecoboost For Just $32,995

Lebanon Ford is back with another stupidly cheap, stupidly fast Mustang, this time with a massively modified 2.3-litre Ecoboost

Watch A Massively-Modified Ford GT Hit An Astonishing 293mph

At the recent Texas Mile event, this Ford GT nudged 300mph as it set a standing mile world record

This Porsche Cayman GT4 Sounds Ridiculously Good With Aftermarket Pipework

Thanks to a stainless steel exhaust system from a firm called Fabspeed, this Cayman GT4 belts out a superb noise

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Jay Leno goes for a drive in an Aerowagen - a C7 Corvette converted into a shooting brake by Callaway Cars