The Abt RS6-R Accelerates To 62mph As Fast As A McLaren 570S

Following on from its RS7-R, Abt has released a more practical sibling in the form of the Audi RS6-R

Witness The Sheer Bombast Of The 730bhp Abt Audi RS7-R

Abt has revealed a limited edition, 730bhp of the RS7 super saloon, and it's rather conspicuous

Watch A Toyota GR Supra Engine Dyno At 750whp With A Modest(ish) Tune

Papadakis Racing's heavily worked-over B58 straight-six has been installed and dyno'd in a drift-spec Supra

Mountune Will Give Your Mk7.5 VW Golf GTI 375bhp

Via its M52 sub-brand, Mountune is offering a Stage 2 option for the outgoing Golf GTI

The World's First Twin-Turbo C8 Corvette Makes 643whp, And That's Just The Start

Hennessey appears to be the first tuning company to and turbochargers to the mid-engined Chevrolet Corvette

The Mercedes-AMG A45 S Has Been Tuned To Almost 500PS

Racechip has released a tuning box for the Mercedes mega hatch, giving a near-500PS output

This Porsche Boxster Shooting Brake Isn't A Render

A Dutch coachbuilder has worked together with students to turn a 986 Boxster into a shooting brake

The New Ford Focus ST Can Be Boosted To 324bhp Using An App

Mountune's new 'm330' tuning option for the Focus ST gives 49bhp and 70lb ft power and torque increases

Abt Sportsline Has Added Power And Meanness To The Audi RS4

German tuner Abt Sportsline has increased the RS4's output to 522bhp while adding some aesthetic enhancements

The Mansory Cabrera Is Here Because Clearly The Aventador SVJ Is Too Reserved

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Mansory has given the wild Aventador SVJ an even more extreme body conversion

The Gemballa Avalanche 4x4 Is Lifted 911 Madness

Never one to shy away from the brash, German tuning firm Gemballa intends to build a mad off-road-ready Porsche 911

The Prior Design McLaren 720S Says "765LT Who?"

If McLaren's new 765LT is giving you and your 720S an inferiority complex, you might consider calling Prior Design

You Weren't Expecting The Mansory Audi RS6 To Be Subtle, Were You?

The C8 Audi RS6 has been given the Mansory treatment, with predictably opinion-dividing results

The 789bhp, 1000Nm Brabus 800 Adventure XLP Is Ready For The Apocalypse

Brabus has taken the new G-Class and turned it into a G63 6x6-inspired pick-up truck with monstrous power and torque figures

Abt Has Already Tuned The C8 Audi RS6 To 700bhp

German tuner Abt has been quick to offer a range of tuning options for Audi's all-new RS6