8 Things To Look Forward To At SEMA 2016

We have just few weeks to go until the huge SEMA Show in Las Vegas! Here's what we have to look forward to

Watch This 612hp Porsche 993 Turbo Hit 200mph On The Autobahn Like It Was Nothing

Little is known of this car, but what is clear is that this 612hp, extensively lightened (carbon hood, fenders and trunk lid) 993 Turbo can hit 200mph like it was nothing. And it sounds incredible too!

A Dodge Coronet On Tracks Is Predictably Awesome

This 1968 Coronet has been given what looks like a set of large snowmobile tracks at the rear, and it looks amazing

Watch This Angry Porsche 911 GT2 Violently Launch Its Way To An 8sec Quarter

This heavily modified 997 GT2 from EKanooRacing makes one hell of a noise as it violently launches toward a record-breaking quarter-mile time

Jay Leno Samples A V8-Powered BMW 1M Replica

This track-focused 1M clone sports the E90 M3's 4.0-litre V8, and it sounds incredible

Watch A Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Huracan Narrowly Avoid Smacking Into A Wall

Right up until the last moment, it looks like this Huracan is done for as it spins toward a concrete barrier at Yas Marina's drag strip

Do More Expensive Exhausts Give Bigger Power Gains?

The guys from Motor Trend's Engine Masters series put both cheap and expensive mufflers to the test, to see where the biggest bang for buck lies

This Monstrous TA22 Toyota Celica Packs A V8 And A GT-R AWD System

With V8 power and the all-wheel drive system from a Nissan GT-R, this 1000bhp TA22 Celica is the best kind of mongrel!

Here's A V10-Engined BMW 1M Shredding Some Serious Rubber On Track

Take the 5.0-litre V10 from an E60 M5, stuff it into a stripped-out 1M coupe, and the results are predictably dramatic...

A Company Has Built The M2 Convertible BMW Doesn't Want To Make

A convertible M2 isn't something BMW intends to make, but for those who want an alfresco version of the baby M car, there is an aftermarket option from Dähler

Witness The Fury Of This 1825bhp, FWD Civic Knocking Out A 7sec Quarter

As if churning out 1825bhp from a 2.0-litre engine wasn't impressive enough, this monstrous little Honda channels all that anger through the front wheels only

If You Lower Your MX-5 Enough, You Can Squeeze Under A Lorry Trailer

Perhaps wanting to replicate the opening scene of The Fast and the Furious but at a slower pace, this cheeky Mazda Miata driver slides underneath a truck. It doesn't sound like the truck driver was too happy about it, though...

A Triple Turbo McLaren 12C Exists, And It's A 1200bhp Monster

Tuning company HyperCar Development has released a video of its 'Hyper1200' 12C undergoing a dyno run, and it looks angry!

This 530bhp Porsche Turbo-Engined VW T1 Is All Kinds Of Awesome

We see Porsche-engined VW busses all the time, but this 993 Turbo-powered example is particularly worthy of your attention

Someone Made A Ford GT-Inspired Mustang And We're Not Sure How To Feel

Haven't been able to get through that pesky Ford GT application process? Here's an aftermarket solution...

This Ferrari-Engined GT86 Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Take a Toyota GT86 shell, drop in a Ferrari 458 V8, and what you get is one of the most amazingly beautiful builds we've ever seen!