This Hoonicorn Vs Trophy Truck Drag Race Is Massively One-Sided But We Don't Mind

In the latest instalment of 'Hoonicorn Vs the World', Ken Block's 1400bhp Mustang takes on a Ford Raptor Trophy Truck

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Ryan Tuerck's 'Formula Supra' project took another important step, with its Judd V10 powerplant taking its first run on the dyno

Ryan Tuerck Is Putting A V10 With F1 Roots In A Toyota GR Supra

Tuerck's latest build involves dumping a Judd V10 with an 11,000rpm redline under the bonnet of the 'A90' Supra,

Honda Has Made Its Own Tuning Parts For The Updated Civic Type R

The Honda Access parts programme has revealed a range of accessories for the updated FK8 Type R

This Naked Carbon Subaru WRX STI Is Travis Pastrana's Gymkhana Beast

Pastrana will drive this one-of-a-kind, carbon fibre-bodied WRX STI in Gymkhana 11 as he subs for Ken Block

The Abt Sportsline RS4-S Is A 523bhp Carbon-Fest Wagon

Abt has had a fiddle with Audi's facelifted RS4 Avant, giving it a 79bhp boost and carbon fibre aero pieces

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'Godzilla' 7.3 Ford V8 Hits Nearly 800bhp At 7600rpm, Still Very Much N/A

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A new kit for the mid-engined Corvette from Rocket Bunny sister brand Pandem has been revealed

Daigo Saito's Toyota GR Yaris Has A 1000bhp 2JZ And A Pandem Kit

The drift legend's latest project involves stuffing a 2JZ into Toyota's new hot hatch tearaway and converting it to rear-drive