'The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown' Shown In New Trailer

The Grand Tour will return at the end of the month with a feature-length special shot in Scotland

Here's Your First Look At 'Clarkson's Farm', Jeremy's New Amazon Show

Clarkson's new show, chronicling his life over the last year at the working farm he bought in Oxfordshire, kicks off next month

The Grand Tour Returns In December With 'A Massive Hunt': Watch The Trailer Now

The first trailer for The Grand Tour's next feature-length special has been released, with an 18 December premiere date confirmed

Here's Your First Look At 'The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen' - Clarkson & Co's Latest Special

The first episode in TGT's new batch of specials will drop on 13 December and feature an epic boat trip on the Mekon Delta

Grand Tour S3 Studio Filming Dates Revealed As Ticket Applications Open

The Grand Tour has announced that applications to be part of the studio audience are now open, and once again, the filming will be UK-based

Friends Beats The Grand Tour To Become The Most Streamed Show

New figures show that the old sitcom favourite has beaten TGT as the UK's most popular streamed show

The Tomfoolery Will Still Be Strong In The Grand Tour’s Third Series

Judging by new shots released by The Grand Tour, the show’s third series won’t be holding back on the humour

Leaked Figures Suggest The Grand Tour Has 'Paid For Itself'

A small number of Amazon figures have been leaked for the first time, suggesting that new subscriber fees more than covered The Grand Tour's costs

Jeremy Clarkson Is Apparently Going To Host 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire'

A Sunday newspaper is reporting that Jeremy Clarkson is lined-up to be the new host of a new version of the big-money game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire

This Week's Grand Tour Episode Is The Road Trip We've Been Waiting For

When the very first Series 2 teaser emerged, we saw what looked like a used car road trip, albeit with Hammond on a motorbike, and the Mozambique Special is finally here!

The Next Grand Tour Ep Will Feature SUV Shenanigans And Paris Hilton Crashing A Jag

If you've always wanted to see how well the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio drifts, you might want to watch this...

In The Latest Episode Of The Grand Tour, Gears Will Be Crunched

Re-born versions of the Aston Martin DB4 GT and Jaguar XKSS are joined by, er, a Civic Type R in the next TGT...

The Grand Tour's Attempt At Car-To-Car Refuelling Didn't Go So Well

Remember BMW's mid-drift, M5-to-M5 refuelling trick? This similar effort from Hammond and May wasn't quite so successful...

Here's This Week's Grand Tour Trailer, And The Buffoonery Is Strong

Clarkson attempts to recreate Ken Block's gymkhana antics, Richard Hammond cocks about in crazy machinery in Dubai, and May... drives a small Volkswagen

This Awkward Behind The Scenes Grand Tour Action Previews Episode 4

A day ahead of our rendezvous with The Grand Tour's fourth episode of series two, in which there's apparently no script, some behind the scenes footage has emerged