Ferrari’s Incredible One-Off P80/C Track Hero Took 4 Years To Build

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Porsche Has Rebuilt A Carrera GT From Scratch

Porsche has breathed new life into this Carrera GT, giving it a unique Oak Green finish and using real silver for the wheels

Lamborghini Reveals More About The Aventador’s Hybrid Replacement

More details have emerged regarding Lamborghini’s preferred development path for the Aventador’s replacement, and about how it will employ electric power

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Tyler Hoover's Broken McLaren Had $150k Of Warranty Work In Two Years

Hoover estimates that his stricken 12C has been in for $150,000 or repairs under warranty in only two years

Porsche’s Track-Only 911 GT2 RS Clubsport Is Clearly Furious

On the same day that the 992-era 911 has been launched, Porsche has also unveiled the outgoing 991.2-generation’s crowning glory for track days

Behold The Senna-Like Aggression Of The Novitec 720 N-Largo

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Porsche’s ‘Brand New’ 993 Turbo S Just Sold For $3.1m

Demand for as-new retro Porsches really couldn’t be higher, and this stunning one-off, air-cooled, twin-turbo 993 Turbo S has sold for silly money

Audi Has Teased The Updated R8 Supercar

The 2019 Audi R8 has been teased in a Tweet from Audi Sport, revealing a nose that mimics that of the latest A1