Watching A Mercedes CLK DTM Growl Its Way Around The 'Ring Is A Rare Treat

With just 100 coupes built, it's not often you see these limited-edition AMGs in action, particularly at somewhere like the Nurburgring

Not Even A Nissan GT-R Can Outrun This Buffoon's Terrible Driving

On a Lotus Exige hot lap of the Nordschleife, our driver is overtaken by a buffoon in a GT-R. His poor driving and terrible choices not only ruin the Lotus' lap, they also put him in danger!

Watch In Awe As A Modified Porsche 911 GT3 RS Clocks A 7min 9sec 'Ring Lap

Manthey Racing's fettled 'GT3 RS MR' is seen belting out an incredible Nordschleife lap in this Sport Auto test

Watch An F-Type SVR Pass 43 Cars On One Stupidly Busy 'Ring Lap

A Jaguar F-Type SVR 'race taxi' is seen passing 43 cars in one sitting during an unusually busy Wednesday night touristenfahrten session

Try Not To Wince As This BMW 135i Coupe Crashes Twice At The 'Ring

An E82 1-series coupe driver is seen losing control on the entry to a corner, before crashing two times

This Citroen's Kerb Hopping Near Miss At The 'Ring Is Amazing To Watch

A Saxo driver is seen very nearly clouting a piece of Armco barrier during a touristenfahrten session, but someone gets away with it

This BMW E36 Compact's Nurburgring Crash Is Almost Graceful

An old 3-series Compact driver is seen neatly skimming a piece of Nordschleife Armco, but isn't able to avoid an accident entirely...

World's Luckiest Squirrel Escapes Death By BMW At The 'Ring

A squirrel is seen narrowly escaping a squashing as it scurries in front of an M235i racing car at a VLN event

How This Nurburgring Racer Got A Podium In The Wet On Slick Tyres

Dale Lomas - best known for Nurburgring blog Bridge To Gantry - talks through the final, wet laps of the Nurburgring 24 Hours, where he decided to stay out on slicks

Try Not To Clench As This Porsche 911 GT3 Driver Struggles To Avoid Going Off At The 'Ring

A 997 GT3 is seen desperately to stay on the Tarmac during a touristenfahrten session at the Nordschleife on Saturday

Honda Civic Type R Rolls After Clipping Kerb At The Nurburgring

An EP3 Type R was seen clipping one of the Norschleife's notoriously high kerbs during a touristenfahrten session at the weekend, sending the car onto its roof

You'll Struggle To Unclench After Watching This Biker's 100mph Save At The 'Ring

A biker has uploaded scary footage of the moment a car clipped his BMW S1000RR on the Nordschleife. Amazingly, he was just able to stay upright

Renault Clio RS Crashes Hard And Rolls Over At The 'Ring

A Clio RS200 driver's touristenfahrten session went badly wrong at the weekend, with an off-track excursion at Schwedenkreuz leading to a destructive rollover crash

This Nurburgring Exhaust Flame Compilation Is Weirdly Relaxing

It's the weekend, so why not sit back, relax and watch all manner of cars - from a Honda S2000 to a Maserati MC12 Corsa - spit out flames at the 'Ring?

This 07:25 BMW E36 M3 'Ring Lap Is Astonishing To Watch

A talented driver is seen monstering the Nurburgring in his track-prepped E36 M3, clocking an incredible 7min 25sec bridge to gantry lap in the process