Porsche 356A Speedster Is A New Barn Find In Horizon 3’s Forzathon

Forza Horizon 3 recently made a load of cool Porsches available to win in Forzathon challenges and there’s a new barn find to snap up – the classic 356A Speedster

The First Proper Dirt 4 Trailer Has Landed

The first gameplay trailer for the up-coming Dirt 4 game has been released by Codemasters, showing off the impressive variety of cars and disciplines

Hot Wheels Racing Is Coming To Forza Horizon 3

A new expansion for Forza Horizon 3 has been announced, bringing the crazy racing, fast loops, banked corners and stunts of Hot Wheels to the open-world racing game

Project Cars 2’s Rod Chong On Controllers, Rallycross And Multiplayer Carnage

At a recent Project Cars 2 event, we got the chance to talk with Slightly Mad Studios COO Rod Chong about the exciting new racing game that’s set to hit consoles late in 2017

8 Things I Learned From Playing Project Cars 2

At the Project Cars 2 VR event in London, I got the opportunity to sample an early version of the game and try out some of the new cars and disciplines. Here are some of my initial thoughts

It Turns Out GTA V Firefighters Are Hilariously Useless

We all know the emergency services in GTA V are fairly hopeless, but that makes watching them pretty hilarious, as this chaotic firefighter compilation proves...

Footage And More Details Of Rallycross In Project Cars 2 Are Here

We’ve now got a whole load more details on the new and exciting Rallycross addition for Project Cars 2, as well as some beautiful footage of the cars in action

Porsche Just Signed A Six Year Deal With Microsoft And It Kicks Off With A Forza Horizon 3 Car Pack

Following the expiration of Porsche's exclusive deal with EA, the marque's cars are appearing in more and more franchises

GTA Online's New Sports Car Can’t Handle Left-Hand Corners

The newest addition to the vast array of GTA Online cars is a classic, 80s-style, Vice City sports car that looks incredible. But, sadly, a problem with the car means it can’t handle turning left...

8 Ways To Not Be An Idiot When Racing In Open Lobbies

Open lobbies on racing games are occasionally (OK, who are we kidding, more like always) full of idiotic players and sometimes the good racers see red too. Here’s how to steer clear of being an online troll..

Bizarre GTA V Glitch Locked Everyone Out Of Police Cars, Including The Cops Themselves

GTA Online users were unable to steal police cars at the weekend, in a bizarre glitch that affected even the AI officers

8 Reasons Why I’m Still Playing GTA V

It’s been three and a half years since the initial release of the gaming powerhouse that is GTA V and over two years since it hit eighth-gen consoles, but I’m still loving it

Watch A Car Get 'Caught' By A Jet In This Awesome GTA V Stunt

Jumping off ramps in GTA V never gets old, but YouTube channel Evolve Stunting took things to a ridiculously epic level by catching a car mid-jump with a jet and carrying it to the top of a skyscraper

You Can Now Race The Iconic Mazda 787B in Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa has added some exciting new cars to the game in the shape of a recent PC update, such as the stunning Mazda 787B that raced to victory at Le Mans