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MM2 MANAGER , you gotta try it

MM2 MANAGER , you gotta try it - Gaming

Best game i’ve played for long (on Android huh) , it’s a game where you play as the manager of a F1 team and you gotta upgrade your F1 , your drivers , then during the races you gotta use strategies to win

Race pace
Fuel consumption
Repair the car

All theses things are fuccing hard to manage since you’re gonna start with the worst drivers who will break their cars every 2 laps but you can fire them and engage some others , some will be better at driving but will cost you hella ton on money .

There’s way lot more things but it’s better if you tried it out yourself .

It cost around 4 € but you can take the 1st MM Manager since it is free to test it a bit

Tbh i cracked so i paid nothing , not wanna be a CRIMINAL but if you want it “free” just hmu