Dan L profile picture Dan L 4 years ago


#Mywintercar - Euro

A Golf R of course.
They are fast, luxurious whilst yet somewhat economical. Obviously I’d chose a 3 door for the sportier looks. Also the 4 motion haldex system will make it work well in all weathers. I’ve seen these in action Plowing right up snowy hills no other average family car can. Sure it’s no Land Rover Defender, but who cares when this actually keeps you warm, is fast safe and luxurious. To be honest it’s good at just about everything. Saying that.. would I really like to get all the underside coated in salt in the winter months that is put down on the UK roads. Not really..
especially when you consider the price of a base R in the UK starting from £32,880. But I can imagine it would be a hoot in the snowy/wintry weather.