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Merits and Demerits of Fancy Private Number Plates

Merits and Demerits of Fancy Private Number Plates - Blog

Many people prefer buying fancy private number plates for various reasons. The most common one is to show the status and be the attraction. A lot of stories exist with respect to fancy number plates which includes both good and bad.

Before everything else, we must know what these fancy number plates exactly are.

Traffic police have laid certain norms that contain the description of a fancy private number plate:

• That have smaller registration number print on the plate

• That make use of anything other than black ink on white-colored background for writing numbers on private cars

• The size is smaller than the number plate’s prescribed size.

• These plates are thicker or thinner than the normal number plates.

• It has a logo or embossment apart from the specific registration number.

• Fancy fonts are used to write the registration number.

Certain merits and demerits are attached to fancy private number plates. Let’s see them.

• You will get the feeling that you are very important and celebrated in society. Fancy plates can give you the ‘Man of the Town’ feel. You will definitely be noticed by everybody. Even, if your car is parked outside your house or in any parking place, people are bound to turn their heads towards that peculiar fancy private number plate attached to the car.

• If you are the right person and have the right car, then your chosen fancy personalized number plate can boost the sophisticated man’s look. Who doesn’t want to be admired and appreciated as a cultured and civilized man? Correct font, text, and style enhance the personality that you have always wanted.

• Only expensive branded items and clothes won’t complete your look. If you own a fancy private number plate, your entire look and aura will automatically rise up.

• Again, you will grab a special place in people’s minds as they will understand that it is you traveling whenever they will see your car with that unique number plate passing by.

Coming to the demerits of fancy private number plates:

• You must have the right kind of personality to carry a fancy personalized registration number plate. Many people fail to match their number plate with their personality. Hence, instead of creating a great image, you may fall flat. So, before deciding to go for a fancy number plate, choose according to your specialty. Never compete with others and buy one just because your rival party has owned a certain fancy number plate.

• You can ask your family members, friends, and well-wishers. They will suggest you good number plates that will match your lifestyle and personality. Again, you can take the help of professional number plate dealers to choose the right number plate matching your image.

• Your car matters a lot. If the car is not the right one to display a certain type of fancy number plate, then it is better to stay away from such fancy plates. It can make you the subject of mockery. Always create a balance between your car and the number plate you would like to attach.

Traffic police have laid many rules and regulations about fancy private number plates. You certainly won’t want to risk your vehicle being stopped frequently for a check. Unique number plates are easy to track and copy. A con person can make a similar-looking number plate with identical letters and numbers and do wrong activities in your name. So, if you purchase a regular number plate, you can remain on the safe side.

You must know that the government has issued a particular format of registration number plates. There are various options to choose from. Millions of combinations are available. If you prefer to go for a fancy one, be very careful, take your time, and then choose your number plate. Otherwise, sticking to the normal number plate is fine.

Inform your insurance company about changing your private number plate to avoid any kind of mishap in the future. Though there will be hardly any change in the amount of money yet the authorities must know that you have changed your number plate and now your car shows a new registration combination. They have to update your credentials.