Recognise this brutus? It's going up for sale...

Recognise this brutus? It's going up for sale... - Retro and Classics

Yep, that’s right. An actual highland green Mustang Fastback used in the Steve McQueen film Bullitt is being auctioned off after years of being on display. And it is estimated to become the world’s most expensive American car ever, exceeding the ‘67 GT500 SS sold earlier this year, and the even more expensive Plymouth Hemi Cuda that was sold for $3.5M in 2014.

There’s a few things to support that; firstly, this car is probably mostly (if not completely) untouched, and is in decent state for a car that’s not had any parts changed. Secondly; it’s the star car for the most iconic car chase in history, and not a replica of one either. So, how much will it fetch? No full estimates have been made yet, only that it’ll most likely be more than the Cuda sold 5 years ago.