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You've Probably Been Pronouncing Porsche's New 'Taycan' Name Wrong

The production version of Porsche's Mission E will be called 'Taycan', but it's not pronounced how you might expect...

Remind me later

Last week, Porsche announced that the production version of its first fully-electric vehicle - the Mission E - will be called Taycan.

If you didn’t see the press conference, you might assume the Turkish-derived name - which roughly translates as ‘spirited young horse’ - is pronounced…well, as it’s spelt: tay-can. Twitter certainly had enough Taken-related jokes (it’s a car with a particular set of skills, etc) just as news of the name broke, but that’s wrong.

Perhaps wanting to correct people (something Porsche clearly likes to do), a new teaser video for the car includes the excessively low-pitched voiceover guy name-checking the car, revealing the correct pronunciation of tie-kahn. So, now you know.

You've Probably Been Pronouncing Porsche's New 'Taycan' Name Wrong - News

The car will arrive at some point next year, and we do already have some idea of what its powertrain will be like. Porsche is promising over 600bhp, a range of over 300 miles, 0-62mph in under 3.5 seconds, and 0-124mph in under 12. So long as you can hook it up to one of the new fangled chargers that’ll be part of the new network Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Ford and Audi is investing in, you can get over 60 miles of range in the battery in only four minutes.

What do you think of the name Taycan? And perhaps more importantly, how have you been pronouncing it…?