You'll Probably Want To See This AE86 Do A Burnout On A Matching Truck

In this episode of TheHoonigans' Build Breakdown series, we're introduced to an incredible Isuzu lorry that matches the AE86 drift car it carries

Remind me later

On its own, this Toyota AE86 is one sweet ride. It’s adorned with an eye-popping livery, is powered by a 3G-SE ‘Beams’ engine (that’s the one with design input from Yamaha, by the way), and it has absolutely no trouble lighting up its rear tyres.

But, what makes this Corolla stand out the most is the vehicle it arrives on: an Isuzu NRP box lorry, liveried up to match the AE86. It sits on airbags, has a GM LQ4 V8 and other than the upper part of the cab, its bodywork is all custom made. And all metal, too.

It’s affectionately called the ‘Baller Hauler’, a title it most definitely deserves. And even after seeing the AE86 doing a burnout on the back of it, we still reckon the truck is the cooler vehicle here…