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You Can Now Have Morgan Freeman As Your Sat Nav's Voice

You can now get directions from one of the most instantly recognisable voices on the planet, as the one and only Morgan Freeman has put his voice to directions on Waze

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Morgan - You Can Now Have Morgan Freeman As Your Sat Nav's Voice - News

It’s the moment the Internet has been waiting for: Morgan Freeman has recorded directions for the Waze app, meaning God himself will now direct you to your destination.

Freeman has jumped in the recording studio as part of a promotion for his new film, London Has Fallen. His deep, relaxing tones will calm the frazzled nerves of commuters across America, though it’s unclear if the service will be made available elsewhere. He talks as his character from the film, Vice President Trumbull, with users reporting that you’re referred to as if you’re the president. Good for your sense of direction and your ego, then.

Who else would you like to see voice a satellite navigation system? Perhaps Jeremy Clarkson’s aggressive directions would get you to your destination faster? Or would you prefer Vin Diesel to direct you both on the road and in life through sporadic inspirational quotes?