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2006 Subaru Legacy GT Limited Sedan

Subaru - 2006 Subaru Legacy GT Limited  Sedan - Garage

When I sold my WRX I told myself I wouldn’t buy another Subaru. I lied. There is no feeling like the rumble and feeling of the turbo boxer engine. It’s an obsession you just can’t shake. My Legacy is a limited model so it comes with some niceties even the regular GT didn’t come equipped with. The Legacy offers a driving experience the WRX couldn’t offer. It hugs the road with incredible force, and the leather seats hug you tight while still being incredibly comfortable. My Legacy is fitted with a three inch turbo back exhaust, Perrin intercooler, Blow of Valve and some stereo goodies. It is also tuned and is pushing around 280 Hp. It’s not a large increase over the stock car but compared to the WRX’s lethargic 227 and 4 speed auto this car is a rocket. The WRX almost completely turned me off to cars. The Legacy GT Limited has restored my faith in not only Subaru, But cars in general.