First. Car. LIVE! #Season 8: The modern appeal (Whoever is still around here, give a rating, why not a comment too?)

First. Car. LIVE! #Season 8: The modern appeal (Whoever is still around here, give a rating, why not a comment too?) - Ask Car Throttle

I still find these enjoyable and i’ll keep making these until i run out of cheap cool cars. Road to 100 cars.

  1. VW Lupo GTI
  2. Renault Megane RS
  3. Smart ForTwo Brabus
  4. Audi A4 2.8 V6 Sport
  5. Ford Scorpio Ultima Cosworth
  6. Hyundai Coupe Tuscani
  7. Peugeot 508 RXH
  8. Mitsubishi Lancer RalliArt
  9. Mazda Miata VVT-i
  10. VW Touareg R5

The Lupo GTI, while not looking all that interesting on paper, is impressive while driving. Weighing almost nothing and having a very high rev limit set at 7200RPM, can give any car enthusiast the fun they deserve. Even one of our tracks, Motorpark Romania, is using modified Lupos, albeit not GTI, for their race driving courses and rentals. It’s safe to say it’s a track focused car. It’s whole body is actually wider than the rest of the Lupo trim levels. What’s really good about Lupo GTI’s engine, is that it’s very well built and reliable. It can take 8000RPM and more than 100HP/L in its stock form reliably. And if you want a turbo, there are all the forged parts you could possibly need available for sale.

Megane RS is an obvious choice. Already turbo’d engine, modified chassis to be more rigid than the base models, high tuning potential, an overall good car. On top of that a head turner hot hatch. In its stock form it can take up to 350HP, but with forged internals it can take so much more.

Smart Brabus is a rather interesting choice, because you woulnd’t expect this to be THIS insane. You might not think much of a 1.0L inline-3, but this Mitsubishi-made inline-3 is different. On stock internals it can take 200HP with a hybrid turbo, forged it can go to 240HP and more. Even the robotized manual gearbox can be tuned for even faster shifts. It can be unlocked to rev up to 6500RPM, some people saying it can even take 7000RPM. Have i even mentioned it weighs only 750kg? Well it can go even less than that. There are enough parts to lighten everything up. Body panels, pulleys, seats, wheels, brakes… You name it, the aftermarket has it.

What made me choose this one was the fact that it shares most components with its 2.7TT RS counterpart. A lot of people are actually preffering to use the 2.8L head for their RS’s engines. Besides being capable for tuning, it also has many comfort features you wouldn’t find otherwise in a car this cheap. Before being called S-Line, Audi had the Sport package which added deeper seats, stiffer and lower suspension, and a leather wrapped steering wheel with the Audi Sport badge.

The last ever Cosworth-engined Ford. And, oh boy, it went out with a bang. Besides being a highly luxurious car with a plethora of features, it’s RWD and it also has one of the most capable engines ever put in a Ford. In its fully stock form, it can clearly be seen how much passion Cosworth made into making little BOB (its code) a great engine. The internals are so good, people are even CNC-ing the pistons for lower compression ratios, for more boost, because they are that durable. A stock engine can be expected to support around 400-600HP.

Let’s cut to the chase, the car looks the way it does and performs the way it looks. It’s a perfect entry level sports car. Its V6 can take 400-500HP reliably on stock internals with a good tune and smart driving. In terms of features it doesn’t do much, but neither it needs to. It’s a sportscar afterall, it only needs to be lighweight, maneouvrable and fast.

Peugeot 508 RHX is one of my latest obsessions. It doesn’t weigh a lot considering it’s a hybrid, only 1770kg and has so many features you can’t even count on both hands, not to mention how much space it has inside. With the seats folded, it’s long enough for two grown adults to sleep without being uncomfortable or hitting the hatch, while looking though the panoramic glass roof. There are even aftermarket matresses made for camping in this car. Another reason for why it’s so great is that it combines the extremely reliable and potent 2.0L HDi engine with an electric motor. It’s one of the few mixt hybrids out there, because the hybrid drivetrain can power only the rear wheels with the electric motor, the front wheels with the HDi or all wheels with both motors. The batteries used don’t really have the latest technology, so they occupy a lot of space without having a high energy density. If i’d have one, i’d totally save money for a whole custom battery pack made out of Li-Ion cells. They take less space and have higher energy densities. With roughly the same amount of cells, you could increase the range (RWD mode, 3km stock) more than 5 times, to around 16km and still be left with a lot of space because Li-Ion cells are smaller. Imagine the possibilities. Even the electric motor is tunable, 15HP more with just a remap. HDi engines can also be unlocked to rev up to 5000-6000 RPM just fine.

The Lancer RalliArt is the cheapest way you can get your hands on a 4G63. While only being FWD, it can still be a lot of fun when tuned. Besides that, it surprisingly doesn’t do a lot of stuff. But because it doesn’t do much, it doesn’t weigh a lot either. It makes a perfect candidate for a turbo conversion.

Miata had to come up sooner or later. There is no “first car” list without a Miata. It’s simply a beginner’s dream, because it’s simple, reliable and can make some good power if you want it too. I chose the VVT-i model because it’s the most modern one with the most power out of the box.

Last is the Touareg R5, which although known for being unreliable i chose to add it to the list just because i like it and i see its potential. Ok, so, biggest flaw, the lack of cylinder liners. It’s a full aluminium block with hardened cylinder walls, but when the hardened part eventually wears out, the piston starts digging through the block. The sollution? Just get some steel sleeves.
The engine as a whole is built to be extremely reliable, since it’s one of the very few cars that don’t have belts, instead it has gears. On top of that, it’s a true SUV, being able to climb 45° ramps with ease. And also being able to tow airplanes, but that only with the two top trims, R50 and W12.

There are so many cheap cars you can have lots of fun with, it’s actually almost incredible.
I can’t wait to show that i prepared next. There are already 80 cars and counting. I wanna get to 100. I know it’s possible to find 100 cool and cheap cars, even with my weird criterias.

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