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Is Your Number Plate Cherished?

Is Your Number Plate Cherished? - Blog

This article deals with the concept of cherished number plates. These are specialized number plates that differ from the present form of formatting. A cherished private number plate not only differentiates a vehicle from other cars but also makes the owner produce a personally customized and unique on-road identity.

Usually, general registration number plates issued by the DVLA contain seven characters. Two letters identify the registration that is of a vehicle, two numbers point out the year of registration of a vehicle, and three letters are there that are selected randomly. This particular system was launched in 2001. It is applicable for all countries in the UK except Northern Ireland as it has its own system of number plate.

Moreover, cherished number plates exclude age identifiers as the specific number plates were assigned before the adoption of age identifiers. These plates contain inherently precious numbers, letters, and display valuable messages.

The most important factor of owning a cherished number plate is that others cannot claim exactly the same private number plate no matter what the situation is. More than one person can own a vehicle of the same brand and make, but not the same number plate. Cherished number plates are considered one of a kind.

Let’s see how to transfer a cherished number plate:

The presence of a cherished number plate exists on the certificate of entitlement and on a vehicle. You are allowed to transfer a cherished private number plate from a specific vehicle to a certificate and vice versa. A fee of £80 needs to be paid for making the particular registration number plate transferable.

The most prominent way to transfer a cherished number plate is online mode. You can also transfer it via post. For this, you need V5C logbook of the involved vehicles. You must check that the vehicles are taxed and tested. Also, you must be sure that the certificate is valid and not expired.

In case, a registration number plate is removed from a vehicle, then that particular vehicle will get another registration mark. Typically, it will be an original registration prior to the assignment of a cherished number. Many times, a random registration number plate is assigned that suits the vehicle’s age.

Let’s check the rules related to buying of cherished number:

The owners of cherished private number plates must follow one main rule that is they are not supposed to make a vehicle appear newer than its real age.

Earlier, people used to disguise vehicles’ age by installing number plates that made the motor vehicles appear younger. Many times, customers were made fools as they were tricked to buy older vehicles that were made to appear newer by attaching a registration number plate.

The enthusiasts target to make the newer vehicles appear older in a technical sense. They are supposed to worry about the transfer form regulation wise. They must adhere to the Age Rule to avoid any kind of legal offense.

Today’s version of cherished number plates:

Cherished number plate refers to the term traditionally utilized by the motor trade for describing dateless registration marks that are issued before the year 1963. Nowadays, the term ‘cherished number plate’ applies to the ultra-modern vehicle registration mark that is preferred by the owners.

The modern cherished private number plates are less expensive and are considered more versatile. The owners can add more information than earlier and convey any message they want.

For example, M60 UTD that stands for Manchester United Football Club is a football lovers’ favorite. Again, many people display their birthdays through number plate like J18 which stands for January 18th.

People used to show their hobbies, interests, business, etc. through private number plates.

You can take the help of expert number plate dealers to find the most distinct number plate that exists on earth. With a bit more money, you can be the owner of a cherished number plate that calls for attention. But, be careful not to put any private number plate that can make your vehicle appear younger. It is illegal. Otherwise, you are good to go with a cherished number plate that conveys your personal message to the world.