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Record-Setting Private Number Plates- Check them out

Record-Setting Private Number Plates- Check them out - Blog

Private number plates have become a common vision on the UK roads. The most shocking thing is that some plates cost more than the cars on which they are attached. Some are even costlier than a mansion.

Today, we will check out two such private number plates that broke records:

5 UV

It was on sale on a site for a whopping amount of £995,000. The number indicates the word ‘SUV’. It is approximately five times the average house price of the UK that comes at £216,674. Again, it is approximately 38 times the average salary of the UK that comes at £26,500.

The seller of this number plate is Mike Oyston who is an avid collector of unique registration plates since the year 1999. He possesses more than 200 number plates.


Another registration number plate that has earned the title of being one of the most expensive number plates in the world is LO17 DAN. It indicates the word ‘London’. The asking price of this number plate is £2.5million.

As per the seller of this particular private number plate, it is “one of the highest sought after vehicle registrations in the UK.” The person also added in respect to the one who would be buying it:-You are “not just buying a vehicle registration, but making your mark in history.”

Again, in 2014, a dealer of Ferrari earned ownership of the most expensive private number plate in the history of the UK. The person paid £518,000 for a number plate showing 25 O for a vintage Ferrari 250SWB. This Ferrari was once owned by famous Eric Clapton. Around £518,000 was its worth.

So, are you thinking of spending a fortune on a private number plate, or, are you wondering where to get a standard registration number?

If you belong to the second group and searching for a place to get a private number plate at an affordable cost, then DVLA is the best destination for you. Though there are some number plate suppliers who claim to charge the lowest. But, in reality, the price they show online excludes VAT and the assignment fee of £80. Hence, the price is not as cheap as they claim.

So, go for the DVLA first.



The DVLA has the widest range of registrations. Again, the search facility of the DVLA has been improved. More than 30 million registrations are available to choose from.

There is a single limitation and that is the site of the DVLA only sells registrations that are never issued earlier. Nowadays, the majority of the people have become very choosy about their registration number plate, and so, they are personalizing their number plate. Hence, the best of all has been already sold. Example- P3 TER, R4 LPH, etc.

The DVLA run auctions sometimes and give the details of the auctions in advance so that people can get ready for bidding. Many rich personalities and number plate dealers keep their eyes on the DVLA auctions to bag the most wanted private number plates.

You can also try the second-hand market.

Second-Hand Market:

Many of the unique registrations can be found in the second-hand market.

Under the second-hand market, comes On the Plate-Trader website. This website is like a classified site. The owners advertise directly on the site. The buyers have the chance to negotiate prices. They don’t have to pay any extra.


Again, there is another type of site under the second hand market. This is the On Auction website. For example- eBay. The buyers will found a good variety here. But, they have to be thorough with the search as the entries are keywords bound, and it becomes difficult to search for any specific number plate.

Then, there comes the On-Dealers website under the second hand market. There are many such websites where the dealers add commission as high as 30% on the private number plates. This makes the cost of the number of plates higher than the actual price. There are some sellers who never charge any upfront fee for advertising. Even, they have their own stock. But, before buying, the purchasers must be careful not to pay additional charges unnecessarily.

You may be the next owner of a record setting number plate. Keep connecting to the DVLA and the best number plate suppliers.