Looking to sell my 2002 WRX

Looking to sell my 2002 WRX - Subaru 2nd Gen Impreza Forum

She’s been a wonderful car with absolutely zero issues. Has the rate Namco boost gauges in it as well as a few other goodies. Such as a (2nd) cat back exhaust, new front seats and a lot of under the hood work. My only complaint is the body which is a little rough but wouldn’t be super expensive to repair. Or just throw it off road and forget about it. Turbo works with no stutter or delay (besides what the standard lag is) I’m asking 4000 or best offer. Probably a CT discount of around 3600-3800. I live in virginia, USA. Let me know if you want more details. I would love to see her go to a real petrolhead and not some college bro.