WTR13 - Almost There

WTR13 - Almost There - BMW E46 3-series Forum

As you can see, the exterior of my car is finally fully put together again! The fender liners are in and the body is complete, only the plastic pieces on the left fender are missing because it isn’t painted yet.

The panel gaps are not perfect, but I knew I wouldn’t do a flawless job, so whatever haha.

The last thing I am doing to the cars body at the moment is taking care of a nasty rust hole near my jacking point on the front driver side. I figured it would be stupid to not have it removed and sealed while the car is taken apart so there’s that.

The engine runs and all fluids are where they should be, but the ECU is full of error codes which I’ll have to clear in the next few days, then the engine SHOULD run without the safety mode that it’s currently in.

Next time I should be able to drive it home!

Cheers and thank you all for reading!