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1991 Volkswagen Mk2 Golf

Volkswagen - 1991 Volkswagen Mk2 Golf - Garage

Firstly apologies for the lack of booty pics!

My 1991 1.3 Mk2 Golf. Over the past few years growing up with a VW obsessed family I always wanted a Mk2 as a first car.. and I got one!

It’s bog standard at the moment but running on Candy Teal Bullet Steels (I’ve had very mixed opinions on them) and some ebay coilovers. It’s got the red stripe but no, unfortunately this isn’t a 1.8 GTi. I also put on a GTi steering wheel to add to the confusion.

I’ve recently replaced the clutch, water pump and distributor to make it drive smoother (and cooler) but I’ve been stock piling parts and over the next few months I’ll be putting on a Weber carb, new exhaust system, better coilovers and rolling the arches (because it scrapes yo).

Also in the pipeline is a 1.8 20vt that I’ve been offered so that could be a thing by March…

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Note: In the pictures I edited out the rust holes at the bottom of the doors ;)