ITT How much do I have to do before I can put an Infini sticker on my FC & not be a poser knob?

Per say, I have the Aero, floor bar, same/more power, same suspension, steering wheel, alloy bonnet, e.t.c. All bar having The same bucket seats, because even if you can find them they are $1500+ each. I’m using Bride Stradias instead. Windows are even getting tinted the same Bronze after I paint it.

My FC has been debadged, only decals I can find are Infini ones & since the car is getting painted white, the black infini badge would look awesome. Can I do it or is it pure sacrilege? It’s obviously a much blurrier line than putting an M3 badge on a modified 3 series, for example, since the Infini is just a tuned version of the same car, with no MAJOR differences.