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I know I'm going to get a lot of heat for this, but hear me out....

I know I'm going to get a lot of heat for this, but hear me out.... - Memes

Everyone on this site is a petrolhead in one way or another, and we all tend to enjoy driving thouroughly, but most car accidents happen in day to day driving, claiming the lives of countless people. Why do such accidents happen, carelessness, drunk driving, texting, on-board distractions (parents will know what I mean). Now I’m not saying you the reader do such things, but there are enough stupid people out there which I have witnessed doing such things on a daily basis.

I know I'm going to get a lot of heat for this, but hear me out.... - Memes

Then let’s start talking about wreckless driving, I speed, you speed, we all speed, and in my eyes such an act isn’t too much of an issue of done in moderation. But how many people do you not see weaving through lanes, and cutting off cars with only inches to spare? How many tailgaters do you think rear end people, or cause traffic jams due to their driving style? It just takes one moron who brakes too hard to back up a highway for miles.
With the advent of the electric car, and Autonomous vehicles all this will no longer be an issue. Traffic would flow more naturally, decreasing commute times drastically, as well as reducing the amount of accidents on the road. Less fuel and energy would be used to, which would benefit the environment, as well as our pockets.
Being someone who cares for their family I cant help but feel on edge every time I hop onto public roads. roadsId rather take my chances with ai driving people around instead of having a bumbling idiot behind the wheel.
“Oh but Cascanova, those cars have no soul, they would be no fun to drive in.” Well, to you kind sir I’d say, they aren’t meant to be fun, or have a soul, the autonomous vehicle would only be there for purely utalitarian purposes. It is meant to be your PERSONAL taxi. “If you want a taxi why not just hire one, or take a bus?” And to that I say, they aren’t quite as convenient, or fast.
At the end I know only a few of you, if any had a change of heart.You are now free to burn me at the stake, or argue with me, but please, let’s keep it curtious.