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1990 Mazda Astina/323F BG

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1990 Mazda Astina 323F BG

  • This is uncommon, fine-looking car with a design that combines Mazda RX-7 FB, Mazda RX-7 FC, Mazda Miata NA and Porsche 944 Turbo.
  • 4 Doors hatchback. BP05 DOHC 1.800cc. 140 Horsepower.
  • Shakotan/kyusha style mods. Lower springs, custom header & muffler, 15x8” rims.

For the most part, I get a car that is easy to understand and straightforward to operate by modern standards, but without the complications of carburetors or infotainment systems that came before and after.

It was just a fun car to drive. No infotainment system to deal with, no navigation, no lane departure warning to turn off, no automatic braking. Let me repeat that: just a fun car that you drive.