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Volvo 740 brake pad work

Volvo - Volvo 740 brake pad work - DIY

On monday I was driving on curvy road and after couple of heavy brakes the front left brake started to screetch a lot. So, I thought the brake pad had worn out. But when taking the pads out I realized that the pad’s braking surface hadn’t worn - it was gone totally during heavy breaking be cause all the other pads still had some surface left. Pads were really old and the gaskets which are protecting the pistons were worn out also.
After seeing all the rust in the breaks and broken gaskets I was little worried if pistons were stuck (had some trouble with Volvo 850 and had to buy new calibers). Luckily brake pistons were loose and got the job done just in 1,5 hours. But still I have to open the brakes once again because I have to replace the gaskets which I didn’t have today…
And the Volvo failed the MOT, so I am going to have some suspension strut work ahead.