1994 BMW 325i

BMW - 1994 BMW 325i - Garage

Out with the old, in with the new(ish). Betty has unfortunately given up the ghost (her engine block cracked, may she rest in peace), so meet Ruby Soho. She was a $600 nab, a ‘94 325i with 171k and a 20k old transmission replacement, and all she needs is a new fuel pump and the sunroof reinstalled. I should have that done in about two weeks, and then I’ll be one proud-ass Euro driver! The previous owner intended to make a drift project out of her, and she’s got custom taillamps, a few performance bits and bobs laying around under her hood, and some fresh-ish new tires.

(before you ask, that frost on her windows was just morning dew, this was taken in the wee hours of the sun.)

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