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World's Worst Car Thieves Wreck Three Hellcats A Mile After Stealing Them

A group car thieves travelled over 200 miles to a dealership in Missouri to steal a load of Dodge Hellcats, but it didn't go so well...

Remind me later

A dealership in St. Peters, Missouri is now down three Hellcats - two Chargers and a Challenger - all thanks to a group of hapless thieves.

The teenagers had traveled all the way from Kansas City - over 200 miles away - to Napleton Mid Rivers Dodge, taking a total of four cars. They didn’t make it far, with three of the four cars being crashed within a mile. Two are apparently totaled.Oops.

Thankfully, a dealership employee happened to be passing the premises at the time of the theft and called the police, who easily caught up with the thieves, who were on foot after realising 697bhp muscle cars aren’t to be messed with.

Two of the thieves - 17-year-old Deandre Chiney and 19-year-old Jordon Neely - are in prison and face numerous charges including burglary and receiving stolen property. An unnamed 16-year-old is due to be charged in juvenile court.