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Superformance GT40- A Passionate Bond #blogpost by Szymek S

Superformance GT40- A Passionate Bond #blogpost by Szymek S - Blog

A bit of an introduction

I rarely look back in the past, my live revolves around enjoying the experiences that are happening in the present or ones that await me in the future. Yet thanks to Mark and Kai Faulkner’s, on the 18th of February I experienced something that I will forever look back to with a huge grin on my face.

I’ve always enjoyed my trips to London. I love the city, I love the atmosphere surrounding the city and especially people living in the city. This trip wasn’t any different from any other I’ve took over the past few years… except it was. First of all I’ve got to meet with Adnan, Alex Kersten, Ethan Smale and Jake Orr at the new CT office. Second of all, I was invited by Kai Faulkner to an undisclosed location an away hour from London for a ride along in his fathers Superformance Ford GT40. Exciting? Oh yeah, yeah it was.


I’ve started the day off like I’d start off any ordinary day. We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so I didn’t have any, because I’m a rebel and I know better than my mom. Then I went for a shower and drank some water, I started to realise that in about 4-5 hours- I’m going to make literally everyone I have as my friends on Facebook extremely jealous so as a good, caring friend I’ve began bragging about it on group chats. Oh and I got some people really, really jealous (ask GeoBaz).

Well time to head off, I take the Jubilee line to Waterloo where I get my tickets for an hour long journey to a location I cannot disclose or I’d need to get you killed and would probably get killed myself. As I’ve already mentioned in some of my previous posts, I love music and I listen to it all the time so to set the mood for the adventure that was ahead of me I fired up Spotify and…

-sir can I see your ticket
-Oh yeah sorry.

Sorry about that folks, train conductors have no respect for people telling stories. Where was I? Oh yeah music! Ok so I fired up Spotify and started to think about the perfect playlist for the event. Should I listen to Frank Ocean’s “Nikes”, or maybe go totally underground with Quelle Chris’s new album “Being You Is Great, I Wish I Could Be You More Often”, well I decided to go with Drake’s “Feel no ways”, because as he says “There’s more to life than sleeping in and getting high with you” and I was about to learn that myself.

The train journey was awesome, I love travelling by train. It gives you the time to laugh about the cringiest moments you have had. So I did exactly that and recalled the time I tried to pick a girl up by singing Jonas Brother’s lyrics back in primary school 10 or so years ago. The worst thing is that she didn’t like it.

Superformance GT40- A Passionate Bond #blogpost by Szymek S - Blog

Sorry I kind of went off track there. I decided to play a bit of car spotting, luckily for me it wasn’t very hard because literally the moment that thought cross my mind we went past the AMG Experience Centre. A few moments later we went past a BMW dealer where I saw a pearl white BMW M4 GTS. That by itself made that day quite special, but the main course was still ahead of me.


Upon the arrival I got a text saying that I will be picked up in a VW Transporter by Kai and his dad, Mark themselves. The moment I saw Kai at the train station it got to me that this is actually happening and I had to pinch myself. I did and it hurt, but it meant I wasn’t dreaming.

At the start I want to thank the Faulkner family for amazing hospitality they provided, they are absolutely amazing people, who care and love about our automotive world. Thanks to them I am positive that the car world is heading in just the right direction.

After a short little drive we arrived to their beautiful house and I was greeted by a stunning Porsche 993 Targa and an equally beautiful Porsche 968 which for some time was used as a daily driver. Oh and you can’t forget a Brabus Smart, those are apparently one of the funnest vehicles on planet and it’s hard not to believe that. They are rear wheel drive and rear engined, it’s basically an over complicated GoKart if you think hard about it.

There also was a shed and in this inconspicuous shed lo and behold, was the GT40. Just as I saw it, my jaw dropped to the floor, the photos don’t do it absolutely any justice.

Superformance GT40- A Passionate Bond #blogpost by Szymek S - Blog

Let’s go for a drive- said Mark

Well sir, I’d be honoured if it was was possible- responded extremely excited yours truly.

The first thing I learnt about the Superformance GT40 is that there is no way to gracefully get in it. No matter what you do, no matter how classy you look, you just can’t look good getting in it. The best way to do it, is to do it quickly, before anyone notices how much of a clown you’re making of yourself…

Once you get in it you need to buckle yourself in, as a beginner it took me way longer than I’m comfortable admitting. Then comes the best part, firing the damn thing up. V8 tuned by Roush makes one of the godliest sounds I’ve ever heard and mind you- I was in a Tesla Model S and that thing almost screams! Ok, ok I might have gotten a bit carried away about the Tesla, but it’s kind of hard to describe how the GT40 sound makes you feel, it’s a combination of huge satisfaction along with a massive wave of happiness. It’s kind of like when you nail that perfect water bottle flip, while throwing the bottle from a helicopter and landing it on the peak of the Eiffel tower.

Enough joking around, time to get on the road. The first time Mark planted his foot on the floor I was left speechless for at least 45, 60 seconds. The acceleration isn’t as rapid as it is in the Tesla, but the way the car propels itself forwards in almost a violent way is a feeling I will never forget. It’s like a little puppy that’s on a leash trying to run to his new dog friend and is trying so hard to run and when you finally unleash the puppy it runs like a madman. It’s kind of the same case with the GT40, it’s always ready to reach stupid speeds, it’s always ready to bite and when you finally release the full power of the car it will go fast and it will be at its most comfortable, that is its natural habitat- unleashed.

Superformance GT40- A Passionate Bond #blogpost by Szymek S - Blog

Yet don’t be fooled by it being comfortable and happy, you need to stay on top of it at all times. It can smell fear, fortunately I was driven by Mark who has absolutely no fears at all concerning this car and oh my god did I have fun.

After finding myself in a Tesla Model S in November, I was seeking a raw, uninterrupted by any electronics experience related to cars. The Superformance is just that, being in it, just looking at it is an occasion. In a world that normalises and praises excess in design and in our everyday lives, the GT40 is like a little boat of hope drifting across the ocean of driving controls, a hope that fills my heart with joy, because I know that there are cars out there that are made for the driver.

If the day wasn’t insane enough, after driving the car for about 15-20 minutes up and down beautiful, British b-roads Mark said that we needed to get milk from the supermarket and so we did. We went to grab milk. In a 450+horsepower GT40. I did many cool things in my life, I doubt anything will ever top that.

Attention, it gets lots of it. People absolutely love this car, no matter if they know what it is. They’ll come up to you, they’ll ask questions, they take photos. It’s definitely not going to be your stealth machine to quietly drive around the time, oh no, it’s going to be seen anywhere you show up with it. Mark is a great sport about it, he loves talking about it and he knows the car inside out, it was amazing to listen to an enthusiast tell me about Ford’s immense 1-2-3 win in LeMans 24h with the passion that merely a few people I know have for anything. You can tell that the owner loves the car, it’s special to see a man owning his dream car, it forms some sort of a rare bond you can only have with your dream car, dream house or something you want to achieve so much.

On the way back home, once again I got to feel every single drop of sweat running down my forehead, every single acceleration created another group of gorgeous, colourful butterflies in my stomach and every tight turn made my adrenaline level go through the roof. It’s hard for me to compare the GT40 to any car I’ve been in, just because it’s so different than anything. It’s beauty isn’t expressed by design (not saying it’s lacking anything in that compartment), but in its capabilities and how it makes you feel.

Superformance GT40- A Passionate Bond #blogpost by Szymek S - Blog


When we got back home, I ungracefully got myself out of the car and just stood there for what felt like eternity, letting the moment sink in. Sometimes you just need to stop and appreciate the place you’re currently in, that was that moment for me. The moment I got to appreciate the car world, Car Throttle and most importantly the amazing support I’ve been receiving from You- my reader.

After looking at the cars, Kai taught me how to play Forza Horizon 3 on an awesome gaming rig he has, which made me really want an Xbox One… I don’t think I did that bad and I have to admit- drifting a Ferrari F12 TdF was something quite special even though it didn’t happen in real life. Then we went outside to see the Porsches and the GT40 getting washed which was the perfect opportunity for me to take some pictures.

At around 4 o’clock I was given a ride to the train station and I was thanking Kai and Mark for about 10 minutes before they left and went on their way. Once again I feel like I need to underline how grateful I am for that Saturday. Never, ever in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my articles, the way I express myself would land me a ride along to the shops in a GT40.

Superformance GT40- A Passionate Bond #blogpost by Szymek S - Blog

After getting back to London I went to Café Royale to meet up with my grandfather with whom I was living and I talked for almost 30 minutes. It might have been one of the longest monologues I ever produced, I was absolutely overwhelmed with the emotions buzzing in me and I felt like I could speak for hours, but then my cake arrived and truth be told it was much better than talking. To end the day off I went to see John Wick 2 on Leicester Square- great movie, I recommend it a lot.

You Have Now Reached The End

That’s the end of my Superformance GT40 article, for this specific piece I decided to try a new writing style which I really enjoyed. As you can see it’s more of a journal than a review, but it’s hard to review a car from a passenger’s perspective. I’d really like to hear your opinions on how it turned out, any feedback is appreciated!

Once again I need to give a huge shout out to Mark and Kai, they are probably one of the greatest people I’ve ever met and I feel honoured by the experience they gave me.

Regarding my next article, I hope you like 510hp, Italian sedans (yeah it’s the Giulia) [it will be done some time in April]

Szymek S