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Improve your Vehicle Performance with upgraded 4l65e Transmission

If you have an automatic vehicle equipped with a 4L65-E transmission, you might already be enjoying a horsepower of about 450 and stall ranging between 1500 and 2500. While the operations are pretty smooth on most of the days, we often experience the problem of being over the rev limiter on 2-3 shifts. Upgrading your 4L65-E transmission can be an excellent solution to this problem. This article discusses some advantages why you should consider upgrading to 4L65-E transmission.

Feel the Ride with Upgraded transmisssion


If you’re tired of your basic level one or level two 4L65e GM transmission, especially with the rev limiter problem, there are a number of transmission shops that can upgrade the transmission and take your 450 or 500 horsepower unit to up to 650.

4L65E - Level 4 - C5/C6 Transmission with Torque Converter

Level 4 4L65E Transmission
Level 4 4L65E Transmission

Let us have a look at some of the advantages of upgrading your 4l65e transmission.

Increase Power Output

The most obvious reason to upgrade transmission is to increase the output of power which the existing transmission can handle. Every transmission comes with its power limits and the more power your engine produces; the higher will be chances of premature wearing of the clutch and various other important components of the transmission.

Save money in the Long Run

While a lot of people somehow manage to put low ETs and higher dyno numbers, it is just a matter of time before they will need to completely rebuild their transmission. While upgrading your existing 4L60E transmission or else could be expensive, think about the amount of money you will spend on rebuilding an entirely blown-up gear box and that too when you will not have a good core which you can exchange for a new unit.

Other Advantages

Apart from improving the reliability and durability of your vehicle, upgrading your manual or automatic transmission will also provide you with better firmness in shifting, efficiency, and speed to result in better acceleration. Moreover, a number of quality transmission shops can provide you with tailored transmission solutions based on the power output of your engine. Upgraded 4L65E transmission will also be able to provide you with a consistent ET, which is highly critical in drag racing.

Torque Converter

Your transmission upgrade will also include a torque converter that can be tailored as per your existing engine’s specifications. These torque converters will do an exceptional job of transferring their power to wheels.

Built to handle 650 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque


Even if you have a twin-screw supercharger, there are torque converters that are optimized for controlling the additional wheel spin that the twin-screw superchargers generally produce. This customization option enables you to get the best out of your engine, irrespective of whether it is turbocharged, supercharged, stock, or stroked.

Thinking to enhance the performance of your vehicle or your existing 4l65e transmission is unable to keep up with your requirements, upgrading the transmission is an excellent option. It will not only improve the performance of your vehicle in a number of ways but will also protect you from expensive repairs or replacement that might be required in future.